Tell me, do you know sorrow like me

Are there shadows in your heart

Where pain hides

Where shame takes shelter


Do your footsteps leave an imprint

Of a story trodden long ago

An indelible memoir

That is as much a part of your being

As the blood that courses through your veins


Tell me, does the thread of faith bind together

Your shattered pieces of hurt and loss

Are the wounds of your life

Eased with the balm of knowledge

That there are others that ache

As you do


Do you show only a sliver of who you are

And keep the rest safely concealed

A sanctuary with closed doors

A hideaway within


Tell me, are there pretty little ugly thoughts

That swirl inside your mind

Is their winged beauty a disguise

For their dark interior


Do you hold on tightly to your memories

Your moments of the past

Are there fragments of frozen time

Stored in the vault of your soul


Does past grief creep into your present

Clutching at your skin

Drawing you back to a time

That is as wretched as it is beautiful

Exquisitely piercing with its intensity


Tell me, can you bear the light

Of another dawning day

Your blemished heart illuminated

With the break of a sun

That seeks out your sadness

Your smarting soul


Do you cry out with tears

That scald your cheeks

With their crushing honesty

Showing little mercy

For the anguish that rises up

As the torrent flows forth


Tell me, do you long for the old places

The comfort of yesteryear

The touch of the hands

That held yours


Tell me, can you find who you are

In the chaos that surrounds you

In the noise that near drowns you

Do you know who lies within

Who shines out

Who waits to be born


Do you wake in the night as I do

Searching for something

Glimpsing the trace of a substance

Fleetingly faceless

Filled with emptiness

Showing itself briefly before slipping away

Unwilling to have it’s identity placed


Tell me, do you know the wilderness in me

The barren land

That is scorched and deserted

The drought whose thirst is ever present


Do you recognise the fist of fury

That lies coiled within me

Where anger dances with fear

Are you torn at the seams as I am

Unravelled and broken


Tell me, does the maddening crowd engulf you

Do the moving masses overwhelm you

Or is there a sense of peace

Knowing that the hordes offer a protective cloak

To cover your bare being


Is your vision clearer with your eyes closed

Do your lips tremble

With the weight of the secrets in your mouth

Is the taste of your truth bitter and sharp


Tell me, what ghosts do you shrink from

Who are the demons that hound you

Where is the place

That refuge is finally found


Tell me, can you follow the fever

Right through to where it peaks and breaks

Can you let the calm come

And claim it’s corner

Can you look into the fire

And find freedom in the flames


Tell me, where is the space

That your wild thoughts roam free

Where the leash is let loose

And the colours of your mind

Are held captive no longer


Tell me, do you see the light in my eyes

That shows you you’re home

The glance of recognition

From one lost spirit to another

A hand held out in hope


Tell me

Do you know me too

Skylar Liberty Rose is a big believer in the healing power of creativity and the freedom found in living your truth. She is a writer, street photographer and yoga teacher with an emphasis on manifesting dreams through action and visualisation. Skylar is an advocate of stripping away layers of conditioning and instead discovering the person you are truly meant to be. She is inspired by souls with spirit and courageous hearts. Skylar grew up in London, and now lives with her husband in New York City. You can follow her on TwitterFB, and her blog.

Image courtesy of Leon Cato.