Today I want to share with you a conversation that I hope truly will help you whenever you feel lost, confused, or stuck. We all have those moments and in those moments, usually people’s knee jerk reaction, is to shut down, be reactive, and not ask for support from other humans or from divine support.

Here are my top tips on how to get guidance you are feeling lost, confused, or stuck:

1. Honor what you are feeling. Without any fluff or reasoning. Let’s say for example you are confused on a situation and you are nervous about what to do and aree scared about what result you will get. For instance things like: “Will I get this job,” “Will we get back together,” “Should I move?” or “Should I quit?” These questions bring up feelings. Often times, we judge what is going on. Instead, I want you to try this. Accept where you are. Say “I am feeling scared, confused, lost about [insert situation] and I am willing to feel what is here in this moment. Provide me with a sacred container to feel what I am feeling with protection and strength.”

2. Create a ritual that allows you to surrender. When you are in a state of panic, fear, confusion, and just STUCK, essentially, you are saying you are blocking from your connection to source. Sometimes, Source – our life as it would – wants you to be paused. It wants you to be still and in between one place and another. Be assured that the only way to move through it, is to do step one and accept it.

Then, the next step is to create a ritual to release so that higher guidance can once again come through. When we are confused we go into crazy town and we go through ALL the options, and we try to “figure it out.” I know I have done that before. And guess what, haha? It doesn’t work! When you are frantic clarity doesn’t come forth.

Inviting space between your confusion and your thoughts through ritual and surrender, allows higher guidance to shine light and break through the confusion.

A simple ritual that I recommend is to get a candle of your liking, choose a color that you feel guided to, and light the candle and say the pray out loud to release. For example, recently I was going through some confusion, and I was attached to a certain result. I knew that was a sure sign that I needed to surrender and invite some light (higher guidance) or to keep it really simple, (some space between my desire and my thoughts about how that desire needed to play out). So, I lit two blue candles with the image of the divine mother and said ” Divine Mother, angels of the highest truth and compassion, guide me to see all that I don’t want to or am hiding from seeing and give me the courage to do what I must do to have the results that are best for my soul. And so it is.” I gave it up. I surrendered, and in that simple act, I felt release, I felt guidance, I felt my faith reactivated. I felt space. I felt peace. And that in that space, guidance and flow happens. Miracles occur. Try your own ritual and tell me about it!

3. Do something loving for YOU.

Self-love is always going to be the medicine that you need. @CosmicChristine (Click to Tweet!)

I love win-win situations and when you do something kind and loving for yourself, it allows you to think more loving, speak more loving, act more loving. And thinking, speaking, and acting more loving is essentially choosing healthier more wise and guided choices. This is always going to be a win-win. So do something loving for yourself. Don’t underestimate the simple acts of love – they go a long way.

xo, Christine

Christine Gutierrez is a psychotherapist, advice columnist, speaker, author, poet, and founder of, an online hub that features psychologically-savvy and soulful advice, articles, videos, private consultations, workshops, retreats (both live and virtual), radio appearances, and television projects. “Ancient wisdom with a modern twist” is the motto. She has been featured in TimeOut NY Magazine, Latina Magazine as “The Future 15: The Healer,” Yahoo Health, Ebony Magazine, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, The Conversation, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Ricki Lake, Lifetime TV, and more. You can also follow Christine on Twitter and Facebook.

Image courtesy of Romel.