I remember when I used to work in the restaurant – this weird thing would happen.

Nobody would order the chicken pot pie for weeks. Then, one day, every table ordered it. All day.

Like they’d made a secret chicken-pot-pie-pact with each other. But I guess it’s kind of like a collective consciousness, right? I mean, if you believe in that sort of thing.

A collective chicken pot pie consciousness.

Sometimes, I walk into a room to teach a yoga class and we’re all grumpy. And tired. Like we’d made the grumpy and tired pact before we got there. No one planned it, “Hey, let’s ALL be tired today. And a little melancholy.”

It’s kind of weirdly awesome how that works, right?

Makes me feel really connected to, well, to you.

So this morning, I taught my 7 am yoga class. I walked there because that feels good to do (try it if you can-walk. Walk medicine.) I was in a good mood. I told the class about the chicken pot pie collective consciousness and we decided to be in a CGM (Collective Good Mood) because you know, we are contagious beings.

When we are a-holes, that spreads through the world. (I mean, I know we are never a-holes. None of us. Ever. Insert sarcastic voice here.)

I have a line in a poem I wrote that says:

Let your joy be contagious.

Let it spread through your home, your job, your children.

Let it spread through the world 

like a virus,

so that, every so often, when you forget it,

you’ll catch it from someone else.

We are totally contagious. Moods, energy, excitement.

So I asked my 7 am yoga class if they wanted to be in a CGM and send that out into the world.

Look, it’s 7 am and they were hardly awake but they all said yes.

So watch out world. Because here we come. (Doesn’t that feel good to say. Like, get out of bed and say, “Watch out world. Here I come.” And then go out and make a dent in the world. And laugh at yourself for talking out loud to yourself there like that in your pajamas.)

I also told them that the theme for the next class was having a sense of humor.

I said this: Please don’t bother coming if you don’t have one. Unless our CGM will help you get one and laugh at yourself.

Collective Good Mood vs Collective Bad Mood. You decide. @JenPastiloff (Click to Tweet!)

I love you.

xo jen

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