You can get worked up over stuff that are outside yourself but what about the things that are inside yourself…when you are approaching the enemy…but what makes the enemy the enemy? An opinion. What created the opinion? If you actually disassemble the opinion of what creates the enemy you would find it had a beginning and a middle which leads up to the present moment.

Then you find out that there are a lot of misunderstandings…a lot of misconstrued conditions and a lot of interesting events that have taken place that have flawed this situation… it is called opposition.

You have thoughts inside your own brain that the brain has manufactured out of whole cloth that you consider to be the enemy.

There is a course called logic that they teach in the universities and what that course says is that if everything has worked up until now and it has gotten you to this point…then chances are something is happening right.

Why do you continue…for the fear that it might not continue? @gurusinghdaily
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Your brain won’t have a job if it is all guaranteed, so the whole time that this is going on your brain is going: let me see this…let me check that…let me see, let me check…

Your heart won’t have a job if it isn’t guaranteed, so the whole time your heart goes: I got that, I got that, I got that. It is so lovely. Every time your heart beats it goes: still going… still alive… still going, still alive. Which one would you want to listen to?

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