What nourishes you?

Now is the right time to find out. Do you feel confused, hopeless, or tired? It’s not enough to run on a low battery, or one that hasn’t recharged in a long time or even a short time.

Finding where your energy comes from is brave. @ishitagupta (Click to Tweet!)

It isn’t a waste of time. It is brave to stop. To realize it won’t work to think only of your to-do list and deadlines.

Stopping is necessary.

Recharging, without guilt, helps you accomplish all the things in the right way, at your pace. On your soul’s timeline, not your head’s.

Seek out what gives you energy. Find the things and places that nourish you. A walk. A book that soothes your soul. A hot cup of tea. Prayer. Nature. Water. Being honest. Strong, solid trees. Rest. Warmth. Hot water. A bath. Talking to God. The sun. Hot tears. Birds. Animals.

Your energy is particular and special. It has a rhythm to it that will carry you through to all the amazing things you want to do. You must step in line with its beat. Let it carry you. Allow it to carry you by paying attention. Without the rhythm of your energy, without knowing what nourishes you, you will question what ought not to be questioned. Seek what nourishes you to find the answers.


Ishita Gupta is the publisher of fear.less magazine. She worked at The Domino Project, runs the Potential Project, and helps people overcome fear and design their best lives. She also consults for authors and businesses on marketing and publishing. You can also follow Ishita on Facebook or Twitter.

Image courtesy of Michael Quinn.