Here we are approaching that time of year when the commitment to our New Year’s resolution might be diminishing. Soon we will be ushered into Valentine’s Day gimmicks of ‘Do you love me or not?’ The strong start to the year of taking a mental account of what we have done and what we have yet to do begins to fade. We could find ourselves slipping into thoughts of the past, unfulfilled expectations, or regrets.

I, however, trust that our lives have played out the way they were meant to, and this time of year continues as a powerful opportunity to steer our thoughts in the direction of positivity, growth, and a special kind of trusteeship of love.

Perhaps more important than the ritual of setting resolutions before the clock strikes midnight or going to buy flowers for that special someone for Valentine’s Day, we have to keep checking our spiritual intoxication, which is the source of our power. With it comes a feeling of aliveness and optimism about what next big thing awaits me. When I look back at the pressure we tend to put on ourselves before the clock struck midnight, I consider it to be the transition for our stage of consciousness to move from dark more into light; to let go of the past and invest in a future as a trustee of love.

When I was in my 20s, I managed two nightclubs in South Beach, Miami. I lived the high life in a beautiful, oceanfront apartment, with a brimming social life. I was in a good place, not searching for anything.

Then I had a deeply profound experience of silence, pure love, and the light of God that awakened something in me. It took me on a path of giving more than taking; it took me into real living and a trusteeship of love. This entry of new consciousness was so significantly more meaningful than my nightclub lifestyle that I had no choice other than to surrender to it. Looking back, I realize what an enormous transformation the soul went through; it shifted my way of speaking, walking, dressing, loving and essentially being.

Now perhaps that level of change is not on the horizon for you in 2015, but letting go of something that is holding you back from being a trustee of love is likely needed.

We may not all surrender to God, but to think of surrender as breaking our attachments to limiting ideas and finding the courage to be a trustee of love is quite freeing. It is a surrender to love your enemies, love those who are different, love the ones whom were unfaithful, and remain intoxicated to trust that love is your root consciousness. This is where you will find strength.

There is a continuous, subconscious habit of competing with attachments, expectations, resistance, and ego, and all puts a strain on the soul’s capacity to love fully. When we take an honest look at our inner thoughts and feelings, we begin to accept the reality of this habitual pattern. We realize that we are more often in a state of illusion than truth. The path of spirituality is about examining the percentage we spend in the consciousness of our truth and our trusteeship of love.

My role as a spiritual teacher is to be so curious about my own self-transformation that it just might inspire others to examine this practice for themselves and find the courage to let go and give into the experience of pure intoxication and becoming a trustee of love. I believe when someone is intoxicated about realizing the self, there is a deep love that naturally moves the soul to make the impossible possible. It has the wisdom to release old patterns that no longer serve the betterment of the soul or the folks that revolve around them.

My part in serving the world is to offer a portal to a different kind of intoxication and trusteeship of love, a vast difference than my earlier days in the night clubs; it is the intoxication of spiritual wisdom that is the greatest high.

There is a power in the taste of realizing one’s worthiness, capacity and purity.
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And when we drink spiritual wisdom we let go of the fear which easily accepts sorrow from others. Instead, we might feel strong enough to pick someone up who is down and share a thought that will awaken them from their self-deception. There is no hangover, just the happiness of being ready to continue your journey, renewed lighter, and moving into being a trustee of love.

So, as we find ourselves in the beginning of the New Year, rolling into Valentine’s Day, our ability to surrender opens an opportunity to break the illusions of the mind that are holding us back from forging forward and really living a life of pure freedom. Instead, we gracefully, and powerfully guide ourselves with eyes that sparkle with enlightenment, a smile as soft as a child, and heart of pure gold that says, ‘I am a trustee of love.’

Sister Jenna is an award-winning spiritual leader, author, radio talk show host, renowned speaker, founder and director of the Meditation Museum in the Washington Metropolitan Area and director of the Washington, D.C. Branch of the Brahma Kumaris, a worldwide organization with over 8,500 branches in 120 countries. Follow Sister Jenna/America Meditating on Twitter and Facebook. Get her new Off the Grid Into the Heart CD.