If you have been part of my community for a while, you know that I see and use everything in my life as a learning opportunity. Last week class was definitely in session for me!!!

In this week’s vlog, you’ll notice my energy level is actually quite low because I was still really feeling the impact of a concussion. Watch to get the full story of how it happened. First let me just say I am okay. Actually I am better than okay and today’s blog/vlog is actually part one of a two-part story so make sure to tune in next week.


The short story is that I was traveling back to LA from New York during a huge snowstorm.  The week had been full of travel, meetings and lots of projects so I will admit that my self-care practices were not as long and regular as usual. The day of my flight I left the city early to get a jump-start on the traffic. I cut down my meditation practice, didn’t protect my energy and skipped eating. Oh and I had a cup of coffee which I normally don’t drink.

Then the following sequence of events occurs: Get to airport (yay! I’m early), go to lounge (think I’ll have another cup of coffee), agent there tells me to try and get on earlier flight (awesome I can even catch Scandal!), don’t get on earlier flight (oh well, have a great first class seat on my confirmed flight), go back to lounge (finally can eat!), receive an email: “Your flight has been cancelled and we are unable to rebook you” (sh&t!), stand in line to speak to agent while on phone with American (something will work out, I am travel warrior…but what if it doesn’t? I have a conference I have to be at tomorrow…where would I stay??), everyone in line freaking out (oh boy, feeling all the anxiety around me), blood sugar dropping more (I really should have eaten), and finally get to talk to agent who tells me she can’t get me on a flight until Saturday when all of a sudden  . . . .

Everything fades to black. I faint. Totally pass out. Hit the marble floor with the back of my head.

Wake up (after seconds? minutes?) totally embarrassed. A crowd of people around me asking me if I am okay. Am I? Hard to tell. I am not a fainter. I usually stay super calm and peaceful in situations like this. What happened?

Well I was reminded of something very valuable that I am here to remind you of today: Our self-care tanks are not like our gas tanks. We can’t fill them up every so often and expect ourselves to run on reserves.

Our self-care tanks need to be replenished everyday. As someone who has committed to being in the world of transformation and consciousness, I have a big commitment and responsibility to keeping my mind, body and spirit at an optimal state. And quite honestly, I slacked off a bit.

Now I am not saying I deserved to faint and get a concussion. I do not think I was being punished or tested but rather reminded. But I can be a little hard headed sometimes (hahaha I guess that protected me a bit when I hit the deck!) and forget when I get caught up in everything I need to do. Last week was a not so subtle reminder of how important self-care is. Needless to say, message from the Universe was received.

The other gem in this experience was about surrender and vulnerability.

Loosing consciousness and ending up on the floor in a crowd of people and having the paramedics be called was absolutely a vulnerable moment. I had zero control.

From that moment on, I let go. I let go of trying to get on another flight. I let go of trying to figure it out. I let go of thinking about where I was going to stay if I got stuck. I just let it all go and said, “God, you’re in charge. I’m going to get something to eat.”

So I climbed into my wheelchair because the airport paramedics put me on mandatory wheelchair escort, got some food, and was wheeled over to the terminal to wait on standby for the next flight, which (Praise the Lord!) I was able to get on.

Amazing the miracles that happen when we surrender and allow the Universe to work it’s magic.
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As that plane took off (fvie hours later), I cried tears of gratitude. Sure I was grateful to be on the flight but even more grateful for how committed my soul is to keeping me in alignment – so much so, that I literally got taken out and “rebooted.”

My encouragement to you is not to wait for a dramatic reboot like the one I had to fill your self-care tank. Fill it everyday. Commit. Make your mind, body, and spirit practices part of a daily loving discipline.

Remember, your life force energy is not like your gas tank. Please do not allow it to get low or even close to empty before you refuel.

Thank you for your love and support. Once again, I am healing so well and I cannot wait to share with you next week about the unexpected blessing that was a result of my concussion. I’m so amazed with how Divine this entire experience has been!!!

Much love,


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