We all have the same conflict. Around it is literally your experiential inclinations, it’s the things you have gathered through lifetimes and your experiences in this lifetime that give you an inclination, both an inclination to view through, and an inclination to project through, and an inclination to react to and an inclination to be with.

All of us have had many different experiences and therefore, we have identities which are unique to us, which is simply the display of your experiential inclination.

It’s written on your face. We yogis say it is written on your forehead. Your experiential inclination represents where you are and your destiny is that reunification, right, your destiny is that incredible unity, that enlightenment, that awakening. Being uncomfortable with where you are, and who you are now is the last thing that you can afford if you want to get to where you are going, because before you can get to where you are going, you have to be where you are.

If you’re not where you are, you can’t go anywhere until you get to where you are.
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Now over the last hundred thousand years we begun to lose our fear of nature, and we began to create other capacities, and that was because it was so uncomfortable being who we were as we advanced in our consciousness and could see more clearly in the mirror of our reflection, we became less comfortable. It was almost like our skin became clear and sexy, but when you look at it under a microscope it has no sex appeal whatsoever.

So the more acute our vision became, the less comfortable we became with being who we were, and that’s what the Buddha called existence is suffering, because the fact that you’re uncomfortable is only because you’re separated. And our longing is to be reunited with each other and everyone of us, and not only those who are existing now, but everyone who has ever existed and that ever will exist. So we use this shield around our experiential inclination, we use this shield and this shield is our definition about all our feelings and emotions and the way we interpret things, etc. etc.. Made up of trillions and trillions of thought forms made up over millions and millions of lifetimes. This thing is what I called whirling, something that spills really quickly and makes a buzzing sort of noise. This noise is what is literally known as the noise of existence, the sound of existence.

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