For the days when all you feel is tired…

When the work doesn’t feel rewarding, when it doesn’t fill your heart, and when being a mom doesn’t feel like enough…

Because the bills have to be paid, and people are counting on you, and nobody cares if you slept the night before or if your baby needs held.

For the days when life is just another load of laundry, another sink full of dishes, another unanswered email…

When the jobs are endless, and the pay is zero.

For the times when you want to call your mom to see how she survived all of this, but she’s not there anymore, or she was never really there in the first place.

For when your body aches, but your heart aches more.

On those days, know that we’ve all been there. Know that we’ve all quieted our cries, hidden our tears, held our breath, and turned on autopilot.

And it’s OK, because autopilot is when God/the Universe/Spirit picks us up, carries us and lays us down next to our babies, and reminds us that the only moment is now and all that matters is this.

Exhale. Feel. Let the moment wrap you warm like a blanket. Feel the sweetness of release. You are safe, and you are meant to be here.

Tired mamas, you’re tired because you work. You’re loving so hard and building the future with your bare hands.

Even the mundane and the tedious is divine when practiced by you. @BexLife
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Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, founder of BEXLIFE™ and the BLISSED IN™ wellness movement, is a mother-of-four (with her fifth on the way), TV host, fitness and yoga instructor, popular YouTuber, and backyard farmer raising backyard chickens, miniature goats, and her own organic garden. Get free meditation tips, original vegetarian recipes, her favorite smoothies, and so much more when you sign up for Bex’s weekly newsletter here.