PP Tribe! Hello from Los Angeles, where I am home from traveling for two weeks before Seattle.


Beauty hunting. So, that’s my thing, you know?

I am out there with my bow and arrow, folks. Hunting beauty down. And sometimes, I do not have to look very far at all. Sometimes it’s just so right here.

I was walking down the street in Santa Monica yesterday with my friend Rachel Brathen (aka @yogagirl on instagram) and she said, “Look!” So I did. Natch.

She’s pointing to a man on a bike with a big sign over his chest that says Be Love.


Remember that guy? I met him in the library a couple years ago and asked him if I could take a picture of him with his sign (he had it on then, too.) He said I could have the snap if I wore the sign. Duh.

I did.

I wrote about it here on PP. Elizabeth Gilbert even shared the story. It was pretty heartwarming. I said may we all walk around with a “Be Love” sign over our hearts.

So yesterday, Rachel, (who has a million and a half instagram followers, what what?) saw the same Love Dude on the street. On his bike.

I beckoned him over to us and her dog, Ringo The Gringo.



You know when I am alone how adventure always ensues? Well, the three of us? Me, Rachel and Ringo? Magic. Pure magic.

I said to Love Dude, “You’re David. I met you in the library. You gave me your sign.”

Please watch both videos below!

I gave him twenty bucks and he said if he was to take it that I had to wear the “Be Love” sign for two full weeks.

I am taking the challenge. Will you? You can make your sign invisible but will you wear one? Please?

Let me know. If you do instagram use the #belovechallenge tag. I am at @jenpastiloff over on those parts.

We all wear signs. Invisible ones, mostly. What does yours say? @JenPastiloff
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Some say: Stay away. Some say: Don’t come near me. Some say: I am not worth it. Some say: Be Love.

We get to choose what our signs say.

Also: he drops mad wisdom in these videos.

Like, whoa.

He says, “I am looking for someone whose compassion is greater than their compassion.”

Yea. Little gems like that are floating throughout the vids. Please watch and share. This is the kind of stuff that needs to get shared on social media. Not Kim-Whatever-Her-Name-Is’s butt. Hell, this is the kind of stuff that needs to get shared on the planet.


I mean, love.

Love, Jen xo



Love you guys. xo (And yes, I am back in NYC July 25 based on your requests!) Next up is Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, London and more!

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Image courtesy of Joe Longo.