Picture a time, maybe it is even now, when you have been preparing for something BIG like an interview, event, presentation, or the release of some creative endeavor. Now consider how much mental, physical, and emotional energy you put into it.

Was it a lot – perhaps too much? Did you find yourself stressing out about it?

Where is the line between healthy preparation and perfectionism/obsessing?

This was a line I came face to face with over the past two weeks, as I was preparing to give two big talks at a very high profile company, where some of the most brilliant minds in the world work (hint: google it). I was incredibly excited to create a new three hour talk / workshop, yet I found myself challenged by how much pressure I was putting on myself that I was calling “preparation.” I share about my aha in today’s vlog.


What I realized is after spending hours and hours preparing is that at some point I crossed the line from being inspired to prepare from the value-based standards I set for myself, to pushing myself with massive expectation. Luckily a very annoying twitch in my right temple got my attention. I sat in mediation and realized that I was coming from fear not love.

And then the aha came . . .

Over preparation and over doing in general is fear in disguise. @christinhassler
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Sure it’s important to do everything in our power to do our best, to fulfill our goals but it is just as important to know when enough is enough. When it’s time to stop. When it’s time to back off, step away from the computer, stop editing, stop tweaking, stop rehashing and rehearsing.

When we are in manic mode, there is no room for magic! If we do not get out of the way, the Universe cannot work on our behalf.

You’ve done enough. Do you not trust the Universe? Do you doubt the competency of your guides and your own inner wisdom?

Dedication, focus, enthusiasm, and “heart work” (doesn’t that sound so much better than “hard work”?) are gifts, but unless they are properly constrained, they can undermine our best intentions. Just as we need food to survive, too much will weigh us down and negatively impact our vitality. So let’s not gorge on perfectionism.

Once I let go and trusted myself, my inner wisdom, and God, the magic happened. I visualized all the people in the room and how I could serve them best rather than impress them. Both talks went phenomenal because I focused on how I wanted people to feel during and after my talk. I stopped making it about me. I swamped preparation for prayer, “God help me get out of my own way and use me as an instrument.”

Ask your Higher Power and guides for the courage to let go. Get in magic mode rather than manic mode. You know who will oversee your success? God! You can rest. Let go and hand over over-responsibility. Let the Universe work overtime on your behalf. Rest. Relax. Know when enough is enough.

You are ready. You got this!!!



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Image courtesy of Crispin Blackall.