You have this dynamic silence and suddenly you’re being molded by the moment.

Now within all of that there is an intention. If the intention is benevolent, a benefit to all including yourself. If the intention is benevolent then you will retain what is called the traction. You will retain the grip on the situation.

You know the old saying, get a grip. Well this is a little more subtle. This grip, this traction is the combination of the omniscient appreciated and the dynamic silence, the capacity to perceive and the capacity to be in the perception without disturbing it. Within all of that, you have an intention, which is benevolent, which means you want to allow this grip to take place and then you want to begin to move it in a particular direction. It can’t be a jerky movement so you can’t be a jerk. Does this make sense?

What do you do when you have rubber tires on glare ice? How do you get those tires to get a grip? Very gradual because the friction and the traction is easily lost, and if you start to slide you must turn the wheel in the direction of the slide, which is counter intuitive yes? No, it’s counter survival, let’s face it. If you’re sliding, I want to get away from that because that slide is dangerous. I want to get get away from that, but I have to capture it. That’s the old saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You want to be able to embrace the enemy.

If your enemy is embraced for long enough, your enemy forgets that they’re your enemy.
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You can’t get your enemy to do anything. That is why this whole war on terror is being handled so poorly. It’s the complete opposite of the way it should be dealt with. But then again we think we have to get it over with by September, but then September after September. We have been longer in this then the French and the English.

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