It’s been said that our dreams are the whispers of the universe flowing from our heart while we sleep. Only when our bodies and our minds relax to a place of pure stillness and silence do dreams begin to unfold. Sometimes the dreams are direct reflections of what’s going on in our life; other times fantasies beyond imagination reveal themselves in surreal visions, colors, conversations, and actions.

In dreams we defy the laws of nature – we fly through the sky at dizzying speeds, we run faster than we ever imagined; when we fall, we get back up without a scratch; and when we swim we can breathe under water for what seems like hours.

But what about the dreams we’ve held on to throughout our life? How our dream relationship would unfold… what our dream job would feel like… what our dream house would look like… and what our dream life would be…

There are many dreams that we’ve held onto for several years, and they probably fit into one of these four categories:

  • Your vision has derailed & you are very far from your dream;
  • You’ve gotten a taste of fulfillment but you are struggling to manifest the dream;
  • You’ve achieved a large percentage of the dream but you are stalled;
  • You have fully manifested & you are indeed living the dream.

If you find yourself in one of the first three categories, it’s time to give yourself permission to re-dream… to craft a new vision based on who you are right now, not who you were when you first dreamed how it would unfold.

Your next step

  1. If your vision has derailed and what you once thought you’d have, hasn’t materialized, then it’s time to re-dream… to re-set your course. This is not failure – it’s an opportunity to build a new dream based on everything you’ve learned so far. You may need to tweak your vision, re-define yourself, or accept that what you once dreamed isn’t applicable to who your are right now. But your first step is letting go of your original dream. As Lao Tzu said, “When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.” So perhaps it’s time to give yourself a chance to become who you might be rather than staying tethered to a fantasy that you had as a child.
  2. If you’ve gotten a taste but are stuck there, then this is your opportunity to lean even harder into that dream and squeeze the last drops out of your effort. As long as there is a sliver of light coming through the door of your dream, keep pushing, keep the passion alive, keep on track – but think of a new way to approach the door. Re-double your efforts… get creative… enlist new partners… clean out your front row.
  3. And if you’ve achieved a big piece of your dream, but seem to be stuck, maybe this is the time to celebrate… tie a ribbon on it…lock in your gains and now use this win as the platform for your next trajectory. What got you here will not necessarily get you to the next phase. This is where you need to dig deep and build on everything that has indeed unfolded. This is where you craft the 2015 version of your old dream – the 2015 Dream!

How I dreamed my new dream

In 2012 I found myself close to fully manifesting a dream I had lived for a decade. There was still a bit of the dream that hadn’t unfolded and I had to make the decision whether to stay the course and eke out the last ten percent of the dream, OR accept the ninety percent that had already manifested and get busy on a brand new dream. My vision board was fresh with infinite possibilities. But I was torn between staying the course or stepping boldly into the unknown. I chose to celebrate my ninety percent and dream a brand new dream.

It took me a bit more than a month of deep contemplation and lots of meditation – and in forty days, I had crafted my new dream. I’m only three years into that new dream and its foundation is a fusion of my previous dream and a totally new dream. This merging of my past, present, and future has allowed me to step forward with greater strength, gratitude, love, and appreciation for my old dream. And in the process, I have taught thousands how to do the same.

So wherever you are in your dream cycle… if it’s time to let go… start by loosening your grip… then give yourself permission to release what no longer serves you… then let go… and…

Allow your new dream to unfold! @davidji_com (Click to Tweet!)

I’ll see you in the gap! peace. -davidji

davidji is a certified Vedic Master and a teacher of stress management, emotional healing, and conscious choice-making. He is the author of the best-selling Secrets of Meditation: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace & Personal Transformation and the creator of the award-winning guided meditation CD Fill What is Empty; Empty What is Full. Visit for free tools, tips, and techniques to take your practice to the next level and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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