Most blogs (including mine) are designed to offer tips and suggestions. Lately I’ve been called to pay less attention to what those around me are suggesting I should do, and more attention to what my unique Soul wants and needs me to do.

I’ve written about this topic before, as have many others. Our blogs are riddled with statements like “Just be yourself!” “Follow your heart!” “Listen to the still, soft voice within!”

Intellectually, I get it. But practically, I sometimes fall short of following it.

Over the past few years I’ve done a pretty good job listening to a voice/sensation/feeling that I’ve labeled as my True Self or Soul. I’ve left jobs that were sucking my Soul. I’ve made big moves and small moves and all sorts of moves that left some people thinking I was a bit nuts.

But lately I’ve noticed all of the small and subtle ways that I’ve been turning my back on my Soul. For example, walking through the airport recently, my mind told me “You should buy a salad because you haven’t been eating enough produce on this trip.” But when I stopped for a brief moment to check in with what my Soul wanted, I realized that She needed something warm and nourishing to eat.

We all read well-intentioned blogs and newsletters telling us to drink green smoothies, meditate, follow our bliss, quit our jobs, do yoga, take a $10,000 workshop, wear crystals, go to Costa Rica, have more sex, have less sex, avoid gluten, eat meat, don’t eat meat. Etc. Etc.

But what about checking in with our True Selves (our Souls) to figure out what we really need?

I’m still working on the best way to do this for me. Some people hear their Soul as a voice. Others get a feeling or nudge. Some get a body sensation or see colors. I’m somewhere in between all of this.

When I check in with my Soul there’s a certain feeling that I get when I know my Soul has answered me. I don’t have an enlightenment experience or see angels or receive psychic messages. I experience a simple, very natural sensation of “Yes, that’s it.” What my Soul wants me to do might not always be easy, but it always feels organic and True.

So instead of me taking up space telling you what to do with your life or how to access your Soul, I invite you to just close your eyes. Take a few seconds to see if you can feel into the answer to whatever question you might have in your life right now. Don’t rely on me to answer it for you. Only You can do that.

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