There seems to be a lot to worry about in life given we cannot control everything. But worrying is a HUGE drain of your energy and completely useless so today I am going to offer you a way to stop worrying, or at the very least dramatically reduce it.

Honestly I used to be quite the worrywart. As a little girl, when my parents went out for date night they’d have to call home once every hour to assure me they were okay, because I was so worried something would happen to them. I continued to experience lots of worry into my adulthood until I learned ways to manage it and accept the unknown in my life.

Worry gives us a false sense of control when we are uncertain about someone or something. When faced with the unknown, worrying is often the default habit we slip into as it gives us a way to seemingly deal with whatever our concern is.

In today’s vlog I breakdown worry for you and teach you a technique that you can start using today to transform from worrywart to dream manifestor!


The thing you most need to understand about worry is that it is using your imagination poorly.

Anything you are worrying about you are making up. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

We cannot predict anything in the future so as long as your mind is going to jump ahead, make what you are making up good!!

You have so much creative mental energy. Use your imagination in a way that creates the feelings and experiences you desire rather than dread. Be sure to watch the vlog to learn how making “Ideal Scenes” will help you do this.

Instead of thinking your worrisome thoughts, create and think thoughts and affirmations, which support presence and peace. Rather than think “What if I do not get a job?” write down and then redirect your thoughts to, “I am confidently going on job interviews that I am excited about and entertaining multiple offers!”

Worry is fear not love. Your imagination is too creative and expansive to waste on worry. The people in your life are too precious to worry about, send them Loving energy and positive thoughts instead. Your time is too precious to waste on fear-based thoughts.

I want to hear how you are reforming your worrywart! Share your positive affirmations in the comments below.



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