Hi. from Vermont where I just led a beautiful writing retreat with Emily Rapp. What a gorgeous state!

I’ve been thinking about the idea of trust a lot these days.


Pause right now and say that out loud. People might think you’re weird if you’re sitting at the dining room table and you just say Trust apropos of nothing. but you know what? Who cares.

Say it again. Get a pen and write it on your hand or foot.

Get a red lipstick and write it on the bathroom mirror real big: TRUST. Then trace it so you get red lipstick stained on your fingers and let THAT remind you to trust. And then take some rocks on the beach and write ‘trust’ with them.

Write it in the sand. Write it in the air with your toe. Spell it out with Cheerios.

You get where I am going with this? You’ve got to live it and breathe and eat it and wake up to it after you sweated all night and end up in tangled wet sheets. You’ve got to be in love with it.

Yesterday, my dear friend Julie Coyne texted me this:

Dude. Trust. I swear it’s like the biggest lesson we’re meant to learn in life, seeing how it’s connected to not resisting, letting go. When I look back at my life I can see how things worked out in proportion to my willingness to trust.

That’s huge, isn’t it guys? So huge that I wrote it down and kept rereading it.

Sometimes my first thought upon waking is: Things are going to fall apart.

Old tape, old trauma.

Then I fall in love again with trust.

I grab my Cheerios and my rocks in the sand and I write it again and again and again until I’ve become Trust. Until I have become that person that makes you feel good and safe and enough because I trust so very much that you then have no choice to. Because we are contagious beings. (Go start gossiping & watch how contagious that sh*t is.)

If you trust and know you’re enough then you spread that when you walk into a room. You cloak everyone & everything with that love. It’s pretty awesome. So go get your materials you need to tattoo that onto your world – Cheerios, ink, rocks, whatever – and spread that sh*t everywhere.

You will change the world. I trust that. @JenPastiloff (Click to Tweet!)


Finish this sentence below.

“Today I trust that _______.” I cannot wait to read your responses. Feel free to post it on my instagram too (@jenpastiloff.)

I will see you next in St. Louis on Nov 7th! It will be my first time there so I hope to see a lot of Pos Pos peeps there!! I will also be in Tampa and Vancouver in January. Make sure to give me a hug if you come. All other workshops here.  Also, my New Year’s Retreat in Ojai, Calif is almost sold out so book now here! I will be back at Kripalu in Feb, too. And it’s going to be okay. xoxoxox

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