I have a confession. For the past three weeks I really have not worked that much. After completing a few big projects, I did not have a lot of urgent to-do’s and I found myself wanting to do a lot of NOTHING.

I was not writing. I was not really on social media. I was not thinking about strategy or marketing. I was not working on enrolling a retreat or workshop. I wasn’t even working out that much. And I felt guilty about it. Like I “should” be doing more. My head was judging me as a big time slacker until something shifted which I share about in today’s vlog.


Can you relate to feeling guilty when you are not doing a lot?

I know a lot of you out there can relate to being a recovering (or maybe not quite recovered yet) over-achiever like me. At some point, we bought into the misunderstanding that our value and security lies in what we can achieve – so much so that we became addicted to creating results.

Doing becomes a comfort zone and just being feels unfamiliar. And the tricky thing about being a do-er is that it is validated by the external world. We get a lot of praise for our accomplishments.

But BEING is so much more important to our well being than doing is. We must take time to STOP doing so that we can hear the whispers of our heart.

When we are in doing mode, we are in our masculine energy. We are focused, active, ambitious, and directed. And there is nothing wrong with that but it needs to be balanced by the feminine energy of creativity, receptivity, surrender, and compassion.

I realized that my guilt over not doing so much was completely unfounded and a huge waste of my energy because I actually was “doing” something just by “being.” I was giving myself the opportunity to sink into my feminine energy, to nurture myself and create balance.

My encouragement to you is to PLEASE JUST STOP. Stop doing, doing, doing. Give yourself the opportunity to be.

Drop into the flow of the feminine (and it doesn’t matter what your gender is, we all have both masculine and feminine energy) and TRUST HER POWER. We trust the masculine ways of doing much more than the feminine ways of being because we want instant results. But just like it takes nine months for a baby to be born after the first point of conception, we need time to allow things to gestate in our life. Do not waste your precious energy feeling guilty about not doing more.

Savor the sweet spaciousness and quiet of being. @christinhassler (Click to Tweet!)



P.S. So one of the new projects that kept me so busy until I gave myself a break is my new podcast where I coach people LIVE on the air. Listen to coaching sessions, receive practical & spiritual advice, and get tools for your life. Go here to listen.

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