Since I revealed I’m pregnant I’ve gotten a bunch of emails and comments saying this like this, “I know how long you’ve been trying for a baby. I know how badly you wanted this, etc.”

These things people say to me are assumptions.

I couldn’t have been more vocal about my ambivalence towards having kids. How I wasn’t sure but I didn’t think I would. I made a Don’t Be An A-hole video a few months back that went viral about not assuming every woman wanted children (or could have them.)

I am very happy NOW that my baby is on its way but this was not planned.

This wasn’t something I’d been working towards.

I didn’t think I wanted this!! That’s not so popular to say (especially while pregnant) but that’s okay – I like stirring the pot, as you know if you follow me, and besides.. I WANT IT NOW. That’s all that matters.

Someone said to me last year that I needed to hurry and have a baby because time wasn’t on my side and that you couldn’t have a meaningful life without children. (It was a man!) I have never been so angry. That is simply untrue and ridiculous.

Kids or no kids … You are enough! This is one of the core tenets of my feminist empowerment movement called Girl Power: You Are Enough.

Also, isn’t it interesting the narrative we place upon women? Like everyone just ASSUMED I was trying for this and wanted it more than anything.

It’s an old mentality – the idea that every woman wants a baby.

Don’t place your story on anyone else. @JenPastiloff (Click to Tweet!)

Love you guys. Post thoughts below. See you soon at a workshop or my New Years retreat. Hurry before I have this kid. 🙂 xooxx

PS – People keep asking about my shirt. It is from Laurie Suarez, who launched Cut The Label on Dec 1st to stop the labeling of humans. Her teen daughter is transgender and Laurie is on a mission to change the world. Please support Cut The Label. 

Their mission statement:

Cut the Label ®™ is a movement born out of the desire to end the categorizing of Humans. We are not first LGBT, Buddhist, Catholic, French, Spanish, an Addiction, a Disease, a Diagnosis, Formally Educated-Not, Republican-Not, Rich-Not. If you can be my friend then I can be yours based on what makes you a YOU. Join the movement. Stop labeling.

Be Human.


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