Our mind really loves to time travel. As valuable as the present moment is, we often leave it behind and drift away to “someday . . .” thinking.

Now I am all for envisioning a desirable future. I love dreaming up all the amazing things I will co-create and the experiences I will have – it is super fun and a much better use of the imagination than worry.

However someday thinking can get us into trouble. I outline the ways it may be hindering you in today’s vlog.


Here are the top three ways someday thinking is getting in your way:

1. Engaging in “when…., then….” thinking consistently rewires a false belief that an external source or outcome is the answer.

Perhaps you can relate to someday thinking that sounds like:

When I fall in love and have a great relationship, then I’ll be happy
When I make more money, then I’ll feel secure
When I loose five pounds, then I’ll be confident
When I get out of this job I hate, then I will be fulfilled

The feeling or experience you are seeking is an inside job that you can have TODAY. You do not have to wait for someday to feel the way you want to feel.

Putting an expectation on something in the future creates suffering today. @ChristinHassler
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2. Obsessing about everything you want to have someday, robs you of the beauty of today. Right now in this moment you have so much!! And if you are not in acceptance and gratitude for where you are today, it is more challenging to get to where you would like to be tomorrow.

Also, your intuition is only clear in the present moment. Clear direction does not come from someday thinking. Make bringing your mind back to the present moment a dedicated practice.

3. Someday thinking is a stalling tactic. There are things in your life that you want to do and know doing so would be good for you, but you are not doing them. Someday you’ll write that book. Someday you’ll go to the gym. Someday you’ll leave the job you hate. Someday you’ll forgive that person.

Please stop procrastinating when it comes to doing the things that feed your mind, body and soul. Life is too short to put your dreams on layaway.

Today is a good day to stop saying, “Someday I will….” and start saying, “Today I will…”

I want to hear how someday thinking has been a block for you in the past and how you are committed to living fully TODAY. Pleased leave your comments below.



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