I woke up this morning and did everything as usual. When I came to sit for my daily spiritual practice I was just about to start when I thought “What have I done for you when you do so much for me every day?” For one you just woke me up to live another day.

Everyday you provide as much air, sunlight and food that it takes to keep this body and mind healthy. You provide all the care and attention needed to make sure I learn all the most valuable lessons to be able to function in life. You listen to my endless thoughts and never judge any of them for a moment. I ask you for things and you give as much as you feel is necessary. You are always there even when I forget to think about you. You are always pointing the way forward even as I am not paying any attention. You are always speaking and saying exactly what I need to hear even when I am not listening. We even get into some light hearted arguments which you let me win but then of course you show me the truth.

And what do I do for you each day? I rise in the morning with my mind on cleaning the body but I forget that I am just the guardian of this temple of yours. I forget that they are your teeth that I am brushing. I do my three hours of spiritual practice to be grounded in your energy but then I realize that after I finish you have again done most of the work.

I continue with my day wondering what more can I do for you when you are like the person who has everything and buying a present for them is futile. But then you help me once more to understand that you don’t need anything. You have everything and are everything.

It’s me who is in need – In need of you. @yogicameron (Click to Tweet!)

So what have I done for you is no longer my question but what should I be doing to be close to you, is what I am putting my attention on. Once again you answer that too. Just think of me constantly and that is enough.

Hope this year brings with it all that is healthy, kind and loving for you.


Yogi Cameron

Yogi Cameron left the world of high fashion as a supermodel to pursue an ongoing study of Ayurveda and Yoga. He has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, Extra, E! Entertainment, and Martha, amongst others. The Guru in You, his first book, was published by HarperCollins in 2011 and his follow-up book The One Plan was published in 2013. Yogi has brought Yoga and meditation in Afghanistan as part of the reintegration program to prepare the country for troop withdrawal and has worked with young girls rescued from sex trafficking practices in Cambodia in coordination with the Somaly Mam Foundation. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and his website. Would you like to learn how to meditate without the common frustrations using the 6000 year old proven techniques that I use? Check out my NEW meditation CD. Click here: http://bit.ly/MeditateWithMe www.yogicameron.com/workwithyc

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