What do you need to let go of? 

Letting go has become quite the popular term in the spiritual community. But how do you let go of what you have become so attached to? Letting go is not always so easy. So, today I want to comment on the topics of letting go, how to determine what you might need to let go, and some insight into the journey of letting go.

When I think of letting go, I immediately think of letting go of what no longer serves you.

As a therapist, I welcome in clients and create a container where they are safe to explore their story… their psyche.. their soul and their lives and come to terms with what isn’t working and what they are wanting to let go of. In working with clients for years now, and being a human myself, I come to see this key factor time and time again.

We usually are faced with LETTING GO when the idea of staying is just too painful to do anymore. Everyone’s threshold for pain is different but at the core of letting go is this consistent theme of: “when I am sick and tired of being sick and tired”. I want something new. I want to let go! It is time for a new way. It is time to “let go.” and in that welcome in something new.

What do people usually come to me with?

Letting go of toxic thoughts

“I am not good enough, pretty enough, worthy of love enough” and so on.

Letting go of toxic people

People that put you down, make you feel bad in your soul and just kick up your crazy.

Letting go of toxic behaviors

Overspending, overeating, engaging unhealthy men, or friends or people that make you feel bad, over-drinking etc.

Letting go of toxic habits

How you spend your time becomes a habit. Perhaps it’s habits of keeping a messy house or smoking cigarettes, or unhealthy sex habits.

Letting go of toxic foods 

Foods that bring you down in energy and make you feel sick and unhealthy.

Letting go of fantasies that are no longer working 

Fantasies that you think ” should work” but aren’t. Perhaps, its a fantasy of having your parents be this perfect archetype of mother and father and they just aren’t cutting it. Or a fantasy of an unhealthy relationship working and it just isn’t.

Letting go requires inventory of what isn’t working. It requires a getting real with ourselves with some of the places that aren’t working.

Raw honest truth isn’t always easy to delve into, but it’s always worth it.
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What we resist, persists. What we deny within ourselves will come out in other ways. What we look at, we can heal.

What is within you that you are wanting to let go of? Navigate through your life. Do so, with gentleness and curiosity. There is no shame in healing. Be proud of yourself for going to the scary places. Be proud of yourself for being willing to be wrong, and being willing to pivot and make a new choice. How brave of you. And remember, letting go is a process. Step by step, day by day.

In the comments below I would love to hear what you are letting go of. In addition to what you are letting go of, I want to hear what you are bringing in instead. For example, if you are letting go of toxic relationships, then you are bringing in healthy loving and kind relationships!

When you let go of the old and toxic darkness, you let in the new healthy and vibrant light!

with Fierce Love,


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