I keep seeing people post comments on “famous” people’s instagram accounts, or people with huge followings, or hot girls with “perfect bodies” in bikinis on beaches looking “candid” and these comments say things like:

OMG – I want your life.
I sooooo wish I was you.
You’re life is perfect!
I wanna be u!


Listen up: Your life is yours. @JenPastiloff (Click to Tweet!)

Your life is the only life you should wish you had. It’s the only one you’ve got. Don’t you dare go comparing or wishing you were someone else just because there life looks shiny and pretty or they get a lot of attention. Wake up. You are it.

Think about this. You find yourself saying “I want to be brave.”

“I want to be real.”

“I want to be powerful.”

“I want to be love.”

Look inside. You already are. You already are! Maybe you forgot. Maybe you didn’t. But hey, if your goals are all “I wanna have 2 million followers. I wanna be adored. I want so and so’s life”- well then, I don’t know what to tell you.

Be the best you. You. Not anyone else. You’re in there. Even if you have had a crap day or someone has rejected you or you feel unworthy. You aren’t.

We have so many big ideas. Big Ideas. Like – all caps BIG IDEAS.

A lot of BI’s (Big Ideas) are great. Run with them! Go forth with them. Create magic and make sh*t happen with them. (That is how I define manifesting. Making Sh*t Happen.)

But many BIs are rubbish.

I hear this a lot in my workshops that I lead around the world, “I’m afraid I won’t make a difference in this life.”

“I want to make a difference.”

(In other words, “I want to matter.”)

When I say BIG IDEA I mean this: we have these big ideas that “making a difference” has to mean something Huge. Saving the world. Having a million followers. Curing cancer. Those things are wonderful and God bless your sweet soul if you find a cure for cancer, but don’t be fooled, you make a difference.

Every single day.

Please don’t underestimate the power you have. You listening to someone else makes a difference. Putting your hand on someone’s shoulder. Being yourself – without any pretenses- that makes a huge difference! Loving someone, letting yourself be loved. Smiling at someone. Taking risks. Dude, by you making the choice to get up and face the world – you make a damn difference by simply doing that.

So, let go of the BIG IDEA that to make a difference it has to mean your name is in bright lights, you’re well known, you’re rich, you’re acknowledged. Yes, it’s great to be acknowledged, but even if you’re not, even then, you make a huge difference. I promise. And by the way, I am acknowledging you. You make a difference in my life. See you tomorrow in Vancouver!!


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Featured image by Joe Longo.