The experience of your existence is a point of perception that began within your consciousness billions of years ago on the vast oceans of time. This perception has traveled on these waves for so long now that no one remembers their origins, but ‘origins’ are essential to awakening your consciousness.

One simple law to remember, your origin is joy. @gurusinghdaily (Click to Tweet!)

Just as any paint of every color is mixed from the exact same white base paint, all feelings of any kind are mixed from the base emotion of joy. Any of your other emotions are just tinctures, and when fully experienced, will return you to the base of joy. All emotions are just colors — the natural distortions of many layers upon layers of life, deposited into your consciousness over this base of your emotional origin . . . deposited over your joy. Every emotion tells a story of your vast journey, a journey that you now must travel through in order to reach the core of your being.

The core is always there, it’s where you originated from all that time ago: your emotional core is joy; your mental core is knowing; your physical core is ease; your spiritual core is liberation.

The journey produces the lessons through which you must now learn with your life each day. Whenever you are living at the core of your being — you’re living in ease, joy, knowing and liberation. Your journey of this lifetime is the journey using what you’ve already mastered, to move through that which you have yet to master. . . one common phrase always applies here — “don’t back up, severe tire damage.” You will make mistakes, this is natural. Mistakes will repeat until you master the journey . . . be good with this.

Mistakes are a sign of the courage it takes to master the un-mastered.

Our prayer is that you are ready, willing and able to continue your journey to mastery; learning what you have not yet mastered, to master that which you’ve not yet learned; facing each mistake with love; knowing your life is a simple point of perception . . . perfecting this perception with joy, ease, knowing and liberation.

Guru Singh is a world-renowned yoga instructor, author, musician, and family man. Guru Singh works with the Dalai Lama, teaches with Tony Robbins, and has recorded an album with Grammy® Award-winning artist Seal. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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