Love and intimacy goes most of the time hand in hand. We all want to experience them in our relationships, but sometimes we feel like we don’t have enough. Many of us feel a lack of intimacy and love, especially when we have been in a relationship for a longer time.

Common misunderstanding

What most of us don’t know is how much power we have to bring these qualities back into our relationships.

We often think that intimacy and love are something that we ”get” from the other person, but we can actually affect how much intimacy, and at the same time love, we can experience.

The art of listening

Nowadays, in the time of smartphones and tablets, we sometimes forget the art of listening to each other. How easy it is to expect that you already know your partner and what he or she is going to tell you when you are in the middle of checking your emails or browsing Facebook.

We often think that the other person doesn’t really realize if we don’t have our full attention on them, but they do. How many times have you been sharing something with your partner and realized that he/she is not really listening you?

I notice immediately if my partner has something else on his mind and he is not fully listening me. It doesn’t feel good. It is normal that this happens sometimes, but if it becomes a habit we easily lose the feeling of connection in our relationships.

What is intimacy

To be able to experience more love and intimacy in our relationships it is really helpful to know what intimacy actually is.

Many of us we know that love is the really good, warm feeling inside of us but what is intimacy? Intimacy is being with each other with a clear and relaxed mind. When being with our partner we are concentrating, not on anything else, but being together, with each other. We are not reading a newspaper at the same time or using our smartphones, but our concentration is simply on each other.

YOU have the power to bring most out of your relationships

When I feel that I lack love and intimacy in my relationships I know that it all starts with me and it is time for me to start to quiet my mind and listen to my partner again – and when I do this I immediately experience more love and intimacy. I am able to appreciate my partner more and he can feel that too. We become closer and that creates a positive spiral in our relationship.

When it comes to relationships it all starts with us. To be able to experience more love and intimacy we have to be more self loving and really listen to our partners. We have to take time to be with each other again.

You are in power of creating the kind of love and relationships you would love to have.
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Start to fully enjoy your relationships today.

With Love,


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Image courtesy Kevin Schmitz.