The importance of your existence and how miraculous it is that you’re even here can be as easy as understanding the number one.

There is a theory that humans can’t contemplate large-scale numbers. 100,000,000 can’t resonate with us like one can.  This makes it hard for us to understand the grandiosity of how rare each and every one of us are. But I’ll try to get around this by emphasizing that one is the only number we need to understand to appreciate our individual lives.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the human species existing, but the actual odds of YOU existing.

When we discuss the odds of you existing on earth right now, it gets really crazy, really quickly. Basically, the probability of you existing at all comes out to 1 in 102,685,000 — yes, that’s a ten followed by 2,685,000 zeroes! Now since that number really doesn’t help us to grasp its complexity here are examples of how it’s broken down.

The odds of your mother and father meeting face-to-face is one in 20,000.

Then the odds of both your parents going on to have a child is one in 2,000.

Your mother has 100,00 eggs, while your father produces 4 trillion sperms during the years you could have been born. The odds of the exact egg and the exact sperm to meet and create you with all your characteristics is one in 400,000,000,000,000,000 or one in 400 quadrillion

The odds that the very same process happened throughout 50,000 generations of your family to get to you (without a single death) is one in 1073,866

Therefore, the odds of you existing right now exactly how you are (and not as your brother or sister) is one in ten 2,685,000

Okay, that’s a lot of numbers but what’s special is that your that number one in all those chances.  And your mom is number one in all her chances and your father, and your best friend, and all the people surrounding you are number one in all the odds.

You Are Number one.

Yet, so many people are walking this earth feeling insignificant. Many act as if their life doesn’t matter. But of course, it does!

Just by the mere fact that you’re here is proof that through all the odds you made it. You’re a rebel. You’re a leader. You’re number one.

It doesn’t always mean you must leave a legacy behind for the whole world to recognize and remember you by. You are leaving your legacy behind just by being you. Just by living your life. Simple acts of kindness or even doing something as carefree as laughing at a friend’s joke is significant because the odds of you being able to connect and be here is exponentially rare!

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When we think about it, all of us leave behind a legacy. When our parents tell us stories of their childhood and of their grandparents, that’s a legacy. When you smile and say thank you to a stranger, you’re leaving behind your legacy.

Don’t ever feel as though your characteristics, talents, and actions are insignificant. Nothing you do is ever insignificant, don’t succumb to self-doubt. You fought against all odds to be here. The universe wants you to enjoy your life and live beyond your wildest dreams. You are number one at being you and you won your place on this earth, so go on and live your best life now.

Monica Adams is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practioner. NLP is a comprehensive mindset and communication practice backed by the science of neurology to help shift our self-talk from our toughest inner critic to the best inner confidence (also used by the likes of Tony Robbins). With this mentality, Monica created Operation Muse. An online destination that aligns your head with your heart to get you everything you’ve been wanting and deserve for yourself. To read more about how you can connect your head with your heart follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or on Namaste!

Image courtesy of Glen Carrie.