Most of us are a bit flawed in how we pursue our goals. We think that setting intentions and taking steps toward them is enough, but it’s not.

I walk you through this transformational exercise in my vlog below.

The basic principle to understand when doing this exercise is that in order to create anything new, we must remove the obstacles that are in the way.

Making a list of what we want is the easy part. Undoing blocks and then doing the work to co-create it is actually what brings it into physical form.

So what is in your way?

Obstacles and blocks include: fear, limiting beliefs, perceived lack of resources, time, attachment to other’s opinions, unforgiven issues from the past, toxic situations or relationships, and so on.

Once you identify your blocks, make an action plan for how you are going to address them head on.

Life is a process of creation AND destruction. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

Before co-creating newness, the outdated must be destroyed. Again, I take you through the step-by-step process in the vlog so be sure to take the six minutes to watch.

Often the biggest obstacle is YOU.

You can be critical and downright mean to yourself. You often compare yourself or doubt yourself. You allow yourself to indulge in habits that you know are not moving you in the direction of your dreams. You lack faith and don’t trust the Uni-verse. You are waiting not to be scared to take a step forward. You spend more time looking at what’s wrong with you versus what’s downright awesome about you.

Does any of this sound like you? Even if you are this way sometimes, it is damaging. So as soon as you catch yourself in the act of self-sabotage, inwardly say, “I forgive myself for forgetting who I really am!” and get out of your own freaking way!

This prayer helps me: “God, please help me get out of my own way and live in the Truth of who I am!”

I would love to hear what obstacles you are committing to clearing and the actions you are taking to get out of your own way!! Share them in the comments section below.


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