Have you ever postponed putting yourself out there because you’ve allowed the energy of doubt to get the best of you?

We all have.

Most people who know me or see me in the world wouldn’t guess I have a little voice inside my head that says things like, “No, you can’t. Who do you think you are? Nobody cares. What makes you think anyone is going to listen to anything you have to say.” But that voice is there.

I’ve been aware of its presence for quite some time. I’ve come to build a relationship with it in the past few years. I acknowledge it. I allow it to be there. And I try not to let it make my decisions.

Perfectionism, shaping oneself to meet the line of perceived personal or societal acceptance, can hold us back, keep us small and living in the realm of unmet potential.

Perfectionism says only if I do things a certain way will I be loved and accepted and avoid feeling ‘not good enough’.

We all know that feeling too.

Perfectionism is progress’ enemy, keeping us in a state of incompleteness, never finishing or putting anything out there. Follow through is about getting over the fear of not being ‘good enough’ and take the courageous risk to put ourselves out there.

There is an old business adage, “Done beats perfect every time”, that doesn’t mean just putting anything out there, it means aligning to your Authentic Self, setting a clear intention, asking to co-create with Spirit and putting the best quality work you can offer out there, at this time.

At this time – that’s the important piece. This doesn’t mean the quality of your entire Divine capacity that you believe you’re capable of at your Highest Potential, it means being accepting and having compassion towards your humanness, your imperfections, making mistakes and learning as you go along. It means being vulnerable, and having the courage to be seen in that vulnerability.

Follow through is everything, having a handful of incomplete cycles of action hanging around is an energy drain.

The latin root of perfect, perficere actually means to finish or bring to completion. So finish it up and put it out there, whatever it is will always have it’s opportunities for improvement. If you can honor that it was your best at that time, you will have the courage to continue creating more and meet those opportunities for growth.

Our perfectionism comes from having irrational, unachieveable set of expectations of ourselves and promotes a greater sense of failure. However, perfectionism has a flip-side that can support us in a beautiful way as well.

Where can you find that? Look for your intention.

What is your intention in being “perfect”? As we’ve mentioned, sometimes it’s the acceptance and worthiness piece and other times it comes from a heartfelt desire to put forward our greatest selves.

For example, the other side of my perfectionism is the intention to create beauty. I desire things to be intentionally placed, thoughtfully worded and beautifully prepared so as to show a sense of care. When one goes out of their way to make something especially beautiful I feel honored and wish to recreate that in all I do, everywhere I go.

This is key. When we find the true heartfelt intention in putting our best selves forward, and let go of the need to find acceptance and love outside of ourselves, we can truly show up in authentic service and know we’re enough.

Remember, the energy of Doubt is like poking holes in a ship, no matter the size or how many, eventually that ship will sink. That ship: it’s your sense of Self, and only you can keep that ship sailing, afloat and on course towards your destiny, and only you can steer it astray.

You rule dominion over your own spiritual authority and sense of Self. You create your reality with your beliefs.

So doubting your magnificence and believing you’re not good enough, what kind of life is that creating?

You have vision, you have empires to create. You are a powerful creator. You cannot allow doubt or perfectionism to hold you back, your unique skills are in demand. There are hungry people out there waiting for you to get over your fears so you can make your Divine contribution to the world.

You are needed. – Luna Love (Click to Tweet!)

Thank you for having the courage to say YES to your purpose!

Keep up the good work!

I’d love to hear how you meet doubt in your life, please share your comments below.

Luna Love is a Women’s Leadership Mentor, writer, artist and maker devoted to walking in the beauty way. She leads group coaching programs, retreats and live events to support women in stepping into their Divine contribution. You can see more of her work at www.lunalovewellness.com or here on Instagram



Image courtesy of Serkan Göktay.