Do you long to remember something that feels just out of your reach?

Take a look.

What’s that in your Amazon Cart? An invisibility cloak? Or a visibility cape?  I’ll wait a moment while you check.

I remember the days I’d give anything to have Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak in my back pocket. My desire was to slip about unnoticed and protected.

These days, when I’m feeling energetically raw, or been riding the white waters of change, an invisibility cloak feels like just the thing.

But after a while (and that bit gets shorter and shorter) the cloak starts to itch and feel sticky. I’m ready to rip it off like a bandage that’s caught on an old wound.

But conditioning runs deep. Habits strangle, even ones that once seemed so necessary.

The cloak of invisibility not only kept me from being seen, it kept me from myself. @TheBacaJourney
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Maybe I need to remain invisible. I can go about, moving into spaces others cannot, because nobody notices me. There’s nobody to stop me. I can do what I want without fear of being judged.

Nobody to stop me—except me.

Oh. I see.

Here is what I realized.

There has NEVER been anybody to stop me. It’s always been my own internal pulling back. I got used to disappearing so that I didn’t face displeasure from my parents, my teachers, or my friends. I simply didn’t know how to stand up and declare myself.


I craved being accepted. But mostly, I wasn’t. At least not for my inside self.

I felt different. I remembered enough of the “big” truth that it was hard to believe what I was being taught. I was arrogant in my inner knowing. I’m sure the kids in my neighborhood responded to my inner tug-of-war. Since I had turned my back on myself, how could they not do the same?

Something had to go, so I let go of my inner knowing. I forgot. I swallowed what I was being told even as I fought it. My act of subversion became hiding out because only then it seemed that I was protected.

Appearances, though, are often deceiving. Protection isn’t always what you need to feel good.

The cloak of invisibility not only kept me from being seen, it kept me from myself. A fog of self-doubt crept in, obscuring that seed of inner knowing. I had a choice: nurture that seed into bloom or let invisibility continue to fog the truth.


Here’s the amazing gift I discovered. My journey to claim myself was the result of standing on the outside of the circles.

Let me explain.

I didn’t feel like I fit in. I did try. I’d have walked backwards and upside down if that would have helped.

Yet stronger than craving acceptance was my desire to discover the more. The more that would fade from sight whenever I looked straight at it.

If I had fit in I would have never gone looking for it. I would have settled.

I would never have remembered the truth. Being outside the circle helped me understand that there was more to discover. I had to explore my inner terrain.


This is true for me now. I. Don’t. Want. To. Be. Invisible.

It turns out that you have to allow yourself to be seen to discover what has been hidden. You have to be willing to step into the light to find the light.

So, how does a visibility cape work?

A visibility cape gives you super powers.

Imagine wearing an exquisite garment that inspires the people who see you to be filled with love.

Imagine the potency of your words igniting a light in your spouse…your child…your coworker or collaborator.

Imagine walking down the street feeling filled with radiance that anyone can see.

Imagine your dreams becoming reality, grounded in knowing you are doing what you are meant to do.

Imagine feeling grateful to be you.


That’s the power of a visibility cape.

Sheathed in in your own true brilliance, your light shines into the dark corners around you. Others are invited to join you because they feel your truth calling to the truth inside of them.

You remember who you truly are, with all your power and glory.

I’ve set aside my invisibility cloak. (It’s in a safe spot in case of need.) These days, because of my own journey, I’ve stocked my shopping cart full of visibility capes—for myself and for you. That’s the power of illumination. It can come in words that unlock your remembering. Or meditation that opens takes you into the heart of yourself, revealing your gifts. The possibilities are limitless.


I want you to remember the full truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God.

Decide what it is that you really want. Go forward.

You are so needed. We have a world of creating to do. Join me?

Let me know in the comments below how you are allowing yourself to become more visible!

Bestselling author, Illuminator and Master Teacher, Laurie Seymour, M.A., founded The Baca Journey to teach leaders and emerging leaders how to reliably connect with their own inner wisdom. She shows them how to sustain their inner connection, creating a path of self-mastery. As Turaya Grand Master, Laurie teaches Turaya Touch and Turaya Meditation around the world, including online. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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