We are the movers, shakers, and creators of this world. We make life happen, either subtly or with all the authority of nature herself. We are the midwives of our dreams, and whether we do it big or in a way that is unassuming and silent, we are constantly working to support, nurture, and communicate…to connect, honor, and love…to comfort, strengthen, and grow our communities and each other.

We are multifaceted. We are moms. Daughters. Sisters. Partners. Businesswomen. Artists. Leaders. Philanthropists. Community builders. Pioneers of a way of living and being that is as ancient as the Earth, and as new as the rising sun.

We are black, and we are white. We constitute many races, ethnicities, ages, belief systems, spiritual and political ideologies, life experiences, and forms of wisdom. We have an infinite variety of stories, including ones that have never before been uttered or acknowledged. And we’ve lived many lifetimes within the single one we’ve been blessed with.

We are the ones who hold up half the sky. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Whatever roles we find ourselves identifying with—we are, first, and foremost, women. The generative power of the universe—the potent life force that makes itself known in our bodies, our wombs, our hearts, and our wisdom—lives within us.

As women, we have the potential to birth new possibilities. We can be the bold heroines of our own stories and lives. And be assured: we can turn all the old standards of heroism on their heads and choose wholeness, connection, and love to guide our journeys.

The Feminine Thread

Many of us are only now remembering that we are the living embodiment of the powerful feminine principle, which is all about courage, compassion, beauty, connection, sensuality, and above all, truth. Indeed, your story, your truth, is forever intertwined in the beautiful, chaotic ball of yarn that is life itself, whether those stories are of struggle or hope, joy or loss, self-discovery or a voyage into the unknown.

What’s more, a single thread, simultaneously delicate and resilient, weaves in and out of that ball of yarn—creating unity and coherence, connection and meaning. I call this the feminine thread.

We are an integral part of this powerful, everlasting thread that teems with pure life energy, that connects all women through the ages, and that also has the capacity to heal past and future generations. It is our moral imperative to fully own our place in the world—as mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers, and weavers of the feminine thread that binds us and everything else together.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t necessarily feel that we are in contact with the feminine thread. Sometimes it is palpable; other times it may seem subtle or even nonexistent. But this light-filled thread vibrates with constant energy and that links us to a global sisterhood—of both women we have met, and women we will perhaps never encounter in the flesh.

You are not alone, so take heart and be courageous. The world needs us. It needs you—in all your beauty, your joy, your pain, your passion, your intrinsic wholeness, your chaotic magnificence. More than anything, it needs you to dive into your truth and own every single part of it.

The Truthteller Revolution

The feminine thread reveals the truth of who we are: our light, our darkness, our strengths, our weaknesses, our chaotic magnificence. We as women know that a world in which every single one of us, including those who are marginalized or silenced, can express the totality of who we are is a world where we still have a fighting chance to experience true joy and empowerment.

However, many women struggle with sharing the truth of who we are. Many of us even attempt to stuff our uncontainable beauty into a prepackaged, digestible mold.

But perfectionism is not the point here.

Being a truthteller is not about embellishing details, making our stories sound “good,” impressing our audience, or gaining recognition for our deeds.

It isn’t about getting it right—it’s about getting it real…for ourselves, as well as for each other.

A truthteller knows in her heart that the stories she has been spoon-fed about who she is supposed to be, what she should look like, and which dreams she should aspire to will no longer suffice. She wants nothing less than the radiant, full-bodied truth—the one that will make her come alive and give her total freedom to be who she is.

A truthteller is willing to grab the reins of her life. She does not engage in hopeless hand-wringing over regrets and lost opportunities. She surrenders to life exactly as it is, in all its messiness and heartbreak, instead of wishing for things to be different.  Moreover, rather than viewing herself as a victim of circumstance, she takes transformative action. She uses her intuition to make powerful choices in the present moment, so that she can follow her deepest bliss.

A truthteller constantly weaving the tapestry of her past, present, and future. She has an intrinsic awareness of the feminine thread, which offers coherence and meaning to even the smallest or seemingly “insignificant” chapters of her life. She has accepted and integrated her story by viewing her experiences from every possible angle and determining what they mean—not based on external barometers but on her own dreams, beliefs, and values. As her story expands in scope and meaning, so do her perspective and her definition of truth.

A truthteller knows that existence is limitless possibility. Her curiosity about herself, other people, and the world, as well as her willingness to dive into the deepest caverns and soar to the topmost heights, lead her to uncharted roads and undreamed-of adventures.

A truthteller is unapologetically alive. She has moved past viewing her experiences as “shameful secrets.” She holds her life with both humility and pride, and she chooses authenticity over hiding. In the face of her radical openness, others become similarly courageous.

A truthteller is well aware that people will disagree with her, or even hurl insults in her direction. They might whisper (or shout) disdainfully about her audacity to live out loud. Even though this may hurt, she refuses to let it deter her from following her own compass. She knows that to suppress her voice would be the same as relinquishing her freedom.

More than anything, a truthteller has learned, through a long and wisdom-yielding process of trial and error, that holding back who she is comes at too high a cost.

Truthtelling isn’t easy, but it’s the only way. When we truthtell, we heal old wounds, generate beautiful new possibilities…and transform ourselves and the world.

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Become an ambassador for those women and men who do not yet have the resources or awareness to do the same. Be an ally for all those who are birthing original wisdom and new models of awareness into this world. Seek support when you need it. Your tribe is so much larger than you may have envisioned it to be—and where there is a genuine desire for sisterhood and self-empowerment, there will always be an avenue leading to its fulfillment.

Sister, you are the soulful part of an emerging world of truthtellers—and make no mistake: In all our chaotic messiness and wealth of stories, women will be at the forefront of that global revolution.

Whether you have a corner office in a city skyscraper or are barely making ends meet, whether you live in a cozy American suburb or a village in Africa, whether you are young or old—join me around the campfire where we have all met, if only in spirit. I invite you to share your heart and soul with the rest of us, and to reveal the beautiful truth that lives within you.

Kelly McNelis is the founder and creator of Women for One, a destination for women ready and willing to make life happen. With over 20 years of experience as a nonprofit and small business consultant, Kelly empowers generations of women around the world to build the relationships, community, and confidence they need to achieve their wildest dreams. She travels the world as a speaker, teacher, and facilitator of workshops, helping others tap into lives powered by truth. Kelly’s dedication to truthtelling helps women and men share their powerful stories with the world. She recently finished writing her first book, a set of tools for people who are eager to boldly live their truth, due out in Spring 2017 through Hierophant Publishing.

Image courtesy of unsplash.com.