I am fortunate to be able to travel a lot with both my business and personal life. Recently I have been on a family vacation in California and it was amazing. The vacation happened to begin just as I was starting to make some pretty exciting changes to my business.

I was so excited and fired up before I left and had been discussing with my husband almost every night before we left.

Even though I was in my element in Sunny Southern California, having fun on the beach, eating amazing, healthy and delicious food and spending quality time focused on each other, I did find myself drifting off from time time and thinking about my work.

This is completely natural and happens to all of us, especially when we are busy at work, we leave for vacation or if there is something exciting happening, like in my case. The only problem is that even though it is natural, it steals our joy of completely immersing ourselves in the current moment.

So I had to keep catching myself in the beginning to just focus and focus 100% on the holiday…no matter how excited I was about my work projects. And fortunately, I have a husband who is on the same page as me, so he also reminded both of us to stay focused, as he was also thinking about real estate deals he was working on back in Boulder.

That is what team work is all about right?

It took a lot of discipline, but we did it and felt soooo good for doing it. But I did notice so many others around us who were on the beach looking at their phones, etc., and not being present.

So I thought I would share a few tips for you so that you can implement these into your life this Summer, stay focused, stay present and enjoy each moment that little bit more…

1.) Understand that drama is created in your mind. Everything we experience can be controlled by our thoughts. So next time you are panicking about a situation that you really can’t do anything about it or when it is something that you are making a bigger deal of in your head than you should be, change your thoughts about the experience.

If you are panicking about a situation, change your thoughts about the experience. @hayleyhobson (Click to Tweet!)

Realize that life is more productive when you are not getting panicky or putting your team in emergency mode. Things work out better when you are calm, have clarity of thought and put a plan of action in place. Rarely is there a true emergency that can’t take the needed time to be worked out and not rushed through.

2.) Do your research. Understand that all the “stories” you hear about businesses tanking because something little went wrong are not the norm. Most times that business was failing long before that last “issue” that sent it under. The media likes to show the bad part of things and scare people. So when your subconscious mind hears the latest “sad” story it automatically will link it to “you better never let that happen to you or your business will be over to” unless you change your thoughts to something positive such as “mistakes happen and we are only human.  I’m sure there is more to the story because great customer service and owning up to mistakes will usually right most wrongs.”

3.) Have a support team that you trust. I am a very Type A personality, which means my brain works all the time and unless I have updates on things, I will have issues pop into my head at random times that have also stressed out my team. I have learned that using software to communicate tasks and assign things, where I can also see what is going on and track progress, has helped me tremendously to cut down on my need to call and text my support team on nights and weekends when things come into my mind and I feel that I need an answer right away.

4.) Go Unplugged. I know this sounds harsh but to truly relax we need to not have a device pinging, or ringing or beeping every five minutes. If it is too hard to not have a phone or laptop, schedule certain times of the day for work. Maybe it is an hour before everyone gets up in the morning and for an hour after everyone goes to bed at night. Maybe it is on a break during the day when the kids are chilling out in front of TV and your partner is napping. Make time during times that aren’t taking attention from your family. Trust me, they notice when you are not paying attention and they will demand it more and sometimes in ways that you would prefer not to deal with while on a business call such as a temper tantrum.

5.) Schedule family time in your life. Obviously as a momrepreneur (or dad) you are going to have to work regularly, but make time at least once a month where you take a long weekend or a day trip with your family where you spend your time focused on them and let everyone know you will be unavailable during that time frame.

We all have times when our minds are going to go crazy but if we train our minds a little each day to stay in the present moment and stop going into panic mode we will be a lot less stressed, a lot more productive and our family will actually be able to enjoy our company instead of watching while we take business calls in a bikini;)

I want to hear about your work-a-holic experiences and what advice you have for staying in the moment in the comments below!



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