Do you know that only about five-ten% of what most of us do in any given day is actually conscious? As much as we may believe that we are actively participating in life, we spend a lot of time unconscious. The vast majority of what we do is based on habitual behaviors and responses that are based on a story we created. This story then becomes our programming.

We began to construct this story at a young age based on things that we saw, heard or experienced in life. If you were teased, you probably created a story about being less than (this was a big part of my own story). If you were abandoned, you likely have a story about being unlovable. If you were poor, you possibly have a story about being undeserving.

The possibilities of stories are endless and continuing to tell them is a dead-end on the path to consciousness. A huge part of waking up is a willingness to get off the dead-end street of story telling and onto the interstate of Truth-telling.

Are you ready for the express lane?

I suspect the answer is yes. But first, let’s go back to how these stories form. To keep it super simple (because it actually is not that complicated) here are the five steps of story creation:

  1. Something happens
  2. We have judgment about what happens
  3. That judgment creates a feeling and a cluster of thoughts
  4. The feelings and thoughts then create a belief system
  5. That belief system becomes our story

Stories are created because we confuse our thoughts and feelings with the Truth. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet1)

Once the story is created, it’s like we start to live in a trance state and forget the Truth of who we are. Our beliefs are so powerful that it’s as if they hypnotize us to the extent that they program us. Our story becomes the lens through which we start to see everything in our life, which motivates our choices, reactions and actions.

Then we tend to attract circumstances that fit in with our story – even if we don’t consciously want them. For instance, if you have a story around being undeserving, you may experience a lot of challenge in generating abundance in your life in the areas of money, relationships, career opportunities and/or health. If you have a story around having to struggle, you may approach the majority of your life with a defeatist attitude and actually continue to experience struggle. If you have a story around being a victim, you may find yourself in a variety of situations that you judge as unfair.

The bad news is that most of our stories prevent us from generating the experiences we desire or creating the things in life we want. They also keep us disconnected from Spirit because they keep us on that dead-end road. When we buy into the beliefs of our story, we are buying into the misunderstanding that we are separate from Spirit. But the good news is that our stories are not true!!! And realizing the Truth sets us free – so it is 100% possible to wake up and liberate ourselves from our stories.

Breaking free from your story takes conscious attention, since most of us have been in a trance for the majority of life.

I have a suggestion for you that will support you in significantly increasing the percentage of time you spend consciously aware and out of the programming of your story…but it requires your imagination!

Have you ever been to a zoo where they have gorillas? People always crowd around to watch them and usually there are a few scientists around to observe their behavior – charting and documenting every move. I want you to imagine that there is a gorilla part of you and a scientist part of you. The gorilla part is the ego-based part of you that unconsciously moves throughout your day prompted by the old programming of your story. The scientist part of you is the Higher-Self that is witnessing your behavior from a loving, non-judgmental place. From this scientist part of you, begin to simply observe yourself like you are a gorilla in a zoo. Notice themes of thoughts, internal and external reactions to things that happen, chronic behavior, word choice, self-talk and emotional states. You can even keep an observation journal where you record what you observe.

I am encouraging you to move into observer/scientist mode because it is challenging to create shifts when we come at it from a judgmental or “I’ve gotta fix this” place. When in a neutral place of observation, you will gather a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of your story and how it impacts your life. You will notice patterns, reactions and actions that have been so unconscious that you were not even aware of doing them.

When you notice yourself going into the old script of your story, consciously choose to respond differently. This takes practice. Be gentle with your gorilla self . . . she or he has spent a lot of time, like ninety to ninety-five % of it, asleep.

Separate the Truth of who you are (LOVE!) from the old script of your story. Remember that we are all part of a bigger Whole. We all are connected to infinite Love from Spirit and we have the capability to shift our reality.

Don’t live your life hypnotized by your story. WAKE UP to the miracle that you are!



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