The “comfort zone” is a place you find yourself in, when you have stayed in a certain situation for far too long. Your heart says, “There is more to life than this.” It’s telling you that you must act now, but your brain says, “Stop wanting more, stay where you are and play it safe.”

You will have to move out of your comfort zones if you want to achieve something extraordinary in your life.

When you refuse to leave, these comfort zones become your “dead zones”, and will cause you a lot of pain and suffering. You will know when you are in a “dead zone” because you function without energy, hope or purpose in life. Unfortunately, so many people in this world accept such a place as “normal.”


We live in a world where fear is the dominant feeling. So, you seek a “false” sense of security. You stay in places called comfort zones because to go from the known to the unknown is too scary and too risky. You fear that you could never have a better job, a better relationship or better opportunities. You have lost faith, and are too frightened to move or change your life, because you believe that whatever is coming next, will never be as good as what you have now.

Only when you follow your instincts will you discover the incredible possibilities that are waiting for you. It’s true! The only way to achieve this is to break through your limited thinking, and allow yourself to become so vulnerable that you move into uncertainty.

Only in the unknown is everything possible. @berniehiller (Click to Tweet!)

Your dreams are worth the risk! Don’t die without having truly lived.

“In order to discover new lands, one must be willing to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide.

*Excerpt from “Stop Acting-Start Living“.

Bernard Hiller is the premier acting and success coach in Hollywood. His revolutionary techniques and methods have taken the artistic and business community by storm. He teaches sold-out Masterclasses in over 16 countries. He trains top artists in Los Angeles and CEO’s around the globe. His methods of “behavior transformation” have resulted in amazing acting and business success. Bernard has started the career of Cameron Diaz and coached Jeff Goldblum, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Doran, Emma Roberts, Billy Crystal, and Jennifer Garner to name only a few. Leonardo DiCaprio recommends him as the top coach in town. Bernard’s #1 Acting and Success book, Stop Acting-Start Living is a must read. You can connect with him on Facebook & Twitter

Image courtesy of Luka Radikovic.