Ask yourself, “How much do I love myself? 20%, 30%, 60%? More? Less?” Well, we need 100% of love everyday. So whatever we are missing from 100% that’s what we are looking for everyday.

If love doesn’t come from you, you will get it from someplace or someone else.

We all have to give away our power to things we love or things we believe in!

We give away our power to our lovers, parents, friends, society, teachers, drugs, school, the past, therapists, people in the industry and so much more. If you feel weak, confused, afraid, scared, sad, negative, depressed, lonely, lost, cynical, trust no one, doubtful and are living in your head, then you’ve given away to much power.

You were born with, strength and energy.

You were born with dreams and ideas.

You were born with an authenticity and the ability to express all your emotions.

You were born with joy and an excitement for adventure. All kids love adventure.

You were born with the ability to love who you want to love. Because love has no limits or borders!

You were born with a strong Voice. There are no quiet babies. They are loud and so were you. Get your voice back.

You were born to listen to your instincts and your feelings.

You were born with a positive connection, with all parts of your body. This is where your sensuality comes from.

If you have lost any of these, it’s time to get them back!

Don’t make something more important than you. 

Believing that you need permission to be happy or follow your dream is a sign that you’re disconnected from your true self.

Once you have your personal powers back, you are truly living – not merely existing. @berniehiller (Click to Tweet!)

The more you love yourself the better life you will have.


Bernard Hiller is the premier acting and success coach in Hollywood. His revolutionary techniques and methods have taken the artistic and business community by storm. He teaches sold-out Masterclasses in over 16 countries. He trains top artists in Los Angeles and CEO’s around the globe. His methods of “behavior transformation” have resulted in amazing acting and business success. Bernard has started the career of Cameron Diaz and coached Jeff Goldblum, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Doran, Emma Roberts, Billy Crystal, and Jennifer Garner to name only a few. Leonardo DiCaprio recommends him as the top coach in town. Bernard’s #1 Acting and Success book, Stop Acting-Start Living is a must read. You can connect with him on Facebook & Twitter

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