“Find women role models who have made a life for themselves totally outside of beauty standards.” – Misha Lambert

Today I am diving deep into how young women in our society can become their own hero of pretty and take back their power to be self-determined when it comes to their value and worth.

I’m interviewing Misha Lambert, twenty-two-year-old author of Hot Girl: Thoughts on Young Womanhood. I met Misha through a mutual friend and a particularly brave and honest post about her ‘bikini body’ inspired me to reach out to her. Her book is raw, revealing and gives us insight into the struggles of millennial women who have been inundated with images of the way they should look by the media since birth.

Misha is questioning the status quo and inspiring young women to reject objectification and embrace their power to decide for themselves their value. She is funny, honest and wise beyond her years. In a world obsessed with how other people see you, Misha asks you to harness the power of truly seeing yourself. Click here to listen now!

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Image courtesy of Angelo Domini.