Back in the day, people always commented on how I was such a New Yorker, always wearing all black. I never let on that all black was the only color combination I was sure actually went together! Today I’m delving into a topic that pained me for years: clothes. How do you feel about your wardrobe? Are you a fashionista? Or are you like me, kind of wishing they made those match the animal on the label type Garanimals for adults?

There are so many reasons the, what to wear, questions can cause stress from self-consciousness to fear of being judged.

For me, my lack of interest in the shopping process coupled with a public life that required more than my natural uniform (jeans, tank, flip flops or boots plus jacket or sweater in colder months) would lead to full blown sweaty panic. Which is why I was so thrilled to meet today’s guest.

George Brescia is a styling expert who makes dressing yourself intuitive and easy. I’ve known George for a number of years, and he is a well-known stylist in the theater and television communities. I met him through intenSati founder and gal pal Patricia Moreno, and didn’t realize until we became friends that he was such a skilled stylist. I was grateful when he offered to help me with my clothing dilemma. I love George’s book, Change Your Clothes Change Your Life Because You Can’t Go Naked that provides us with easy strategies to master our closets.
As you listen today, you’ll get some great tips on how to put together outfits with ease based on your coloring and he shares his insights about how to dress that is aligned with what you want to project and more importantly how you want to feel.

There’s an internal change that happens when you feel empowered in what you’re wearing. @terri_cole (Click to Tweet!)

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Image courtesy of Glen Scott.