Do you ever wonder if you drink too much?

Are you concerned about the impact your drinking may be having on your relationships, health, career and overall potential?

There is a hot debate in the recovery world about the plausibility of controlled drinking sometimes referred to as harm reduction, as opposed to total abstinence.

As a psychotherapist I know that:

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to an alcohol problem or any addiction issue for that matter. @terri_cole (Click to Tweet!)

Today’s Hello Freedom guest, Caitlin Padgett has a new book about this very subject titled Drink Less Be More: How to have a great night and life without getting wasted. Caitlin is a coach who specifically works with women who struggle with alcohol. Caitlin shares her fascinating journey from party girl to respected expert. I think you’re going to enjoy hearing her story. Listen in as we talk about the connection between habits and the fear based part of the brain, moderation strategies, and more.

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Image courtesy of Alex Ranaldi.