Winter is awesome, isn’t it? Even though I’m crazy-busy year-round, I love this time of year when I can actually slow down. I’ve been traveling like a crazy person the past few months—well okay, like a million dollar Mom-trepreneur, but I am totally ready for the cozy chats by the fire and chill-axing with friends during this holiday season. And believe me, I also make time for some fun and a few parties!

For me, so far winter has meant a trip to Mexico over Thanksgiving and last week—presenting on the SAME STAGE as Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson! Not bad so far right? You know what they say:

“When you want to up your game, hang around the best.”

But here’s the thing; if you’re prone to depression, winter can also mean an occasional funk.

In fact, it can be super sad for some. It’s SO easy to feel lonely and isolated, especially during the holidays. I have to admit, even I feel a little isolated and lonely if I’m not around a ton of family.

So, we all feel sad from time to time, right? But seriously, actual depression is a form of mental illness. At its worst, clinical depression can be debilitating and feelings of low-grade depression, called dysthymia, can be a daily affliction that causes life to lose its luster.

So if that feels like you or you know someone that could fit that description, consider seeking professional help or helping that person you love.

If you feel sad a lot, you’ve gotta be willing to avoid the triggers that can send you reeling downward. Here are a few ideas that may help you sidestep the stuff that brings you down:

Reduce Overwhelm
Don’t over-commit and make sure to have plenty of downtime. This is why I actually take the entire month of December off from business travel and business obligations. Sure I’m working, but even I need a little downtime so I can reduce the overwhelm and feel refreshed diving into the new year.

Live in the Present

Resist the urge to look into the future and batter yourself with “What ifs.” Hey, it is what it is right now. If you want to make a change, you don’t need to say “it will happen when…” Just make a shift and do it. Live it now.

Be Kind to Yourself

The self-talk in our heads can be worse than anything anyone else does to us. Think kind thoughts and never put yourself down. Bonus tip – daily gratitude always helps as well.

(Brace yourself. You’re not going to like the next one….)

Limit Sugar and Simple Carbs

I know, really hard during the holidays, but a sugar high is always followed by a sugar low and if you’re already bordering on sadness, it can be really low. It’s floating all around right now but if you start your day right with a nutrient-based meal, you probably won’t have the cravings, and I know you have the will power if you want to.

Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep deprivation can alter mental health. Things that you usually brush off can drive you nuts when you’re tired. Your low resources can make you say or do things you wouldn’t otherwise. Again, another reason why I sort of hibernate this time of the year. I’m stocking up on my rest.  😉

Essential Oils Can Help Bring You Back into Balance! Diffuse or rub between palms and sniff. These are a few of my favorites.

Bergamot can improve circulation and give you energy.

Lavender can ease anxiety and help with insomnia.

Chamomile helps fight stress and offers a calming effect.

Sadness is a feeling. And as with all feelings, we choose them. Yes, we actually make a conscious choice to feel something. If you were to try purposely to act lethargic, it would be on purpose. And if you want to feel sad, well, you can choose that too. Just like other feelings, sadness is a response to thoughts, experiences and memories. It’s generally not a bad thing as long as we don’t allow it to take over our lives.

No more being stuck! When depression pushes, push back.

So, when something happens and you feel sad:

Feel the feeling and then let it go. @hayleyhobson (Click to Tweet!)

Think about something that brings you joy. Jump up and down as motion creates emotion. Talk to someone you trust. Remind yourself of positive things in your life and uplifting self-talk and essential oils to bring you back into balance.

By the way, I posted this video for Thanksgiving. Check it out for more tips on controlling your reactions to what’s going on around you.

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