Twenty-five thousand years ago, humans — on Earth — began domesticating the animals that are now pets and partners. Dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and camels are among the many that formed deep relationships. These souls are unique and not trapped in the cycle of evolution at all…they’re liberated beings who’ve cycled back into physical matter. They’re Angels embodied to be close to you in the most unique way possible.

Pets are Angels embodied to be close to you in the most unique way possible.
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Let’s face it, this is the only way they’ve been permitted to sleep in your bed; sit on your lap whenever they want; hang out in your house, even when you’re not home, and, oh yes, lick your face anytime. Who are they — how long have they been around — where are they going when they leave this world? The possibility of domestic animals has been available for nearly twenty-five thousand years on Earth, but there’s no limit to the soul. Throughout the Universe, Megaverse, and Multiverse, there are planets on which you’ve evolved your consciousness through millions of incarnations…these are the realms that contain billions, trillions, and quadrillions of years of history.

It’s taken this long to create the countless lifetimes that’ve supported the unfolding of your lessons and learnings .. the many stages and opportunities to your ultimate liberation. Throughout these countless possibilities, there are liberated souls who’ve gathered close to guide and guard your journey …they are your constant Angels…they’re the animals you consider as pets…the larger ones as partners.

It’s deeply painful to your emotional body that these creatures have a shorter life span…when it’s their time to go, nothing stops them. But here too, they’re just training you to sense beyond the limits of spacetime…they’ve not really gone anywhere at all. Our prayer is that you embrace your Angels; that you know they’re here when they’re here, and here, hereafter. Relate to them in the body and communicate with them when they’re not. Let them into your heart and never disappear…no matter what form they’re in, at any moment, they’re always here…helping…guiding…guarding.

Guru Singh is a world-renowned yoga instructor, author, musician, and family man. Guru Singh works with the Dalai Lama, teaches with Tony Robbins, and has recorded an album with Grammy® Award-winning artist Seal. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Image courtesy of Simone Dalmeri.