I wasn’t always so curious about the stars.

As a matter of fact, I only cared about them when they were in a science fiction movie. But everything changed when in 2006 my very young husband passed away. I was left heartbroken.

The fact that he was here one moment and gone the next was an impossibility in my mind.

My mind could not accept this as a reality I had to live in.

Since then, I looked at the sky asking questions and trying to get as many answers as possible.

It was as if a portal opened wide and pulled me in.

I wanted to know why am I still here?

What is my purpose?

Where will I go when I die?

What are these bright objects up in the sky?

What is synchronicity? Dark Matter. Energy.

Gravity. Time Travel. Parallel Universes.

The list kept getting longer and longer.

The further in I went the more questions I had.

As you can imagine I went on a journey unlike any other.

And, as of today, I am taking you all with me.

In the process of looking for him, I stumbled upon so many truths and I honestly want to scream them from the rooftops.

For example, I don’t understand why most of us don’t know that we are made of stardust.

You see long, long ago…stars started exploding and dying.

Dying while sending out the most beautiful colorful light.

If you could see them you would know that the sky above us is simply…alive.

Can you imagine that your whole sky is full of stars that are being born and are dying so they can give birth to you and me?

When I learned this, I started looking at the sky in a whole other way.

In these explosions, elements were created and our stardust atoms in our bodies were formed. Boom. Just like that.

Stars are the reason we are here.

We can literally trace the atoms in our bodies all the way to the stars.

And, yes, we are connected to all the atoms in the universe.

Simply put we are made of stardust.

And stardust is made of us.

Why isn’t this the first thing we learn at school?

Why don’t we have this as a reminder on our phone screens?

Imagine starting your day knowing that you are a part of the stars above you. And this is not an exaggeration.

The mass in our body is 93% stardust.

How are we not told this when we start to understand language?

I don’t know about you but my life got better when I found out some of these facts.

They gave my life purpose and meaning.

When I look at the stars at night I see myself there.

And everyone I ever loved.

And have I found him there? Even better I found him everywhere.

For this week I am going to ask you to walk outside for five minutes every night just before you go and tuck yourself in.

Look up and feel the deep connection you have with those sparklers up there.

Feel it and bring it inside your house with you.

Take the stars to bed. And sleep among them. After all, you are one of them. @SecondFirsts (Click to Tweet!)

With stardust,

Christina and the stars

PS: Big scary science words to describe stardust were removed from here so we don’t stumble in the boringness of science and miss the truth of it. You can find more of my Star Letters here.

Christina Rasmussen is a bestselling author, speaker and philanthropist on a crusade to change the way we live after loss. As the founder of Second Firsts and Life Starters both organizations to help people create a pathway back to life after loss, Christina has helped thousands of people rebuild, reclaim, and relaunch their lives using the power of the human mind. Her book Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again, aims to take her message even further. You can find more information on her website and follow her on FB or Twitter.

Image courtesy of unsplash.