Feeling kind of funky? Finding yourself immersed in the drama of your own life despite your desire not to be? I have a quick fix for you. Now, I don’t believe in many quick fixes because usually they are temporary and based in escapism.

However there is one quick fix that I subscribe to for de-funking because it always works AND if done over time, creates lasting positive change.

Ready for the quick fix recipe? Here it is: Being of Service.

The best way to shift out of negative and ego based thinking is to stop thinking about yourself! The instant you start thinking about how you can uplift others, you’ll soon find yourself in your heart and out of your head.

So to be of service, do you have to start or contribute to an organization creating major change? NO. Please don’t use the excuse of not knowing where to volunteer or not having money or time to contribute as reasons to prevent you from being of service.

Perhaps a definition of being of service would be useful, as it is an integral part of the journey toward finding fulfillment. From my perspective, it is when you participate in making someone’s life better in any way. Being of service does not mean being selfless and putting everyone else’s needs before your own; rather it is about being connected and having a generous heart.

Often times the greatest acts of service are extremely simple things. And the recipients of your acts of service do not necessarily have to be people dealing with extreme hardship. EVERYONE needs kindness and reminders of the Love that they are.

We ALL long to feel connected, seen and acknowledged. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

Here are ten very simple yet very impactful ways that you can get a quick fix by being of service, and immediately shift your vibration:

  1. Make eye contact and smile at a minimum of five strangers.
  2. Write a random thank you note in a pretty card (no email!) and mail it.
  3. Call up a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them you were thinking of them.
  4. Pick up the next piece of trash you see and recycle it.
  5. Open the door for someone or help someone with groceries or packages.
  6. Google the nearest shelter, go there and ask how you can help.
  7. Allow someone else to go in front of you in line or traffic.
  8. Pray for someone else.
  9. Take three of your favorite inspirational books, dedicate them to “A special someone,” write a heart-felt note about how the book touched you, sign them with Love and carry them with you. Then give them away randomly (trust your intuition and the Uni-verse to direct you to the appropriate recipients).
  10. Hop on the Internet and research causes that move you – find the smaller non-profits where a little goes a long way and donate. Even just a dollar is a dollar towards making a difference.

BONUS: Be nice to yourself – you are connected to the Uni-verse, as we all are, so when you are kind to YOU, you are being kind to all of us. And that makes the world a better place.

And the best part about service quick fixes is that you are both the giver and receiver. There is nothing more uplifting than spreading Love because Love is your natural essence. When you do things that move you into the energy of Love (like giving to others), you move out of illusion (story, drama, funks) into the Truth.

ELEVATE your consciousness today! Defunkify your vibration now! Get out of your own head, step out of your own way and get creative with how you can create upliftment. Take on at least three things on the list with enthusiasm!  And soon you’ll notice that the funk you were in or the story you were telling is yesterday’s news.



Christine Hassler has broken down the complex and overwhelming experience of recovering from disappointment into a step-by-step treatment plan in her new book Expectation Hangover. This book reveals the formula for how to process disappointment on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels to immediately ease suffering. Instead of wallowing in regret, self-recrimination, or anger, we can see these experiences as catalysts for profound transformation and doorways that open to possibility. You can find more info on her website, and follow her on Twitter and FB.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.