Do you consciously believe you are worthy of being happy? What words do you reflexively use with yourself when you make a mistake? How do the people in your life treat you on a daily basis?

The answers to these questions will reveal your relationship to yourself. If you feel like you are unworthy of love or have a low opinion of yourself, you could be suffering from a self-loathing mindset. Self-hate can manifest in many ways. It can look like harsh, negative self talk or constant financial struggles from a deep sense of being unworthy of abundance. It can even manifest in you inviting the people in your life to take advantage of you.

Self-love is crucial for creating a happy and healthy life. People treat you how you teach them to, so if you feel unworthy of kind treatment and consideration, you will inevitably attract people who are all too happy to agree with you.

The source of self-hate often begins in childhood. Circumstances like having an abusive (physically, verbally or sexually) adult in your life can result in self-loathing, as well as other childhood traumas or dysfunctions. However, self-hate is not a terminal condition, there are reasons why you feel the way you do about yourself, and there are ways to train your brain to turn negative, self-loathing thoughts into more self-loving thoughts.

In this Real Love Revolution video all about turning self-hate into self-love, you will learn:

  • What self-loathing looks like (low self-esteem, anxiety, financial struggles and bad relationships)
  • How your childhood experiences impact the way you feel about yourself as an adult
  • How self-loathing affects your life (wanting to numb your feelings, perfectionism, lack of self-care, etc.)
  • Four easy strategies to transform your feelings from self-hate to self-love


The truth is: Your low opinion of yourself is not your fault, and there is something you can do about it, but you have to be willing to do something different. Are you willing to be coached? Take on my Self-Love Challenge and do this Self-Love Meditation every day this week. Learning to appreciate, value and take care of yourself are all important pieces to self-love, and ultimately to having a happy and healthy life.

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Take the time now to watch this video and start your Self-Love Meditation Challenge to create a practice of active and conscious self-love on a daily basis. You have the ability to change your own thoughts and behaviors, and you deserve to feel the power of your own love.

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Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, transformation coach, and an expert at turning fear into freedom. Sign up for Terri’s weekly Newsletter, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Image courtesy of Jamie Street.