The Academy Awards have been be given out. I have been teaching acting and the language of success for the past twenty-six years. I have this theory, that if you would like to win an Oscar, you should start to live your own life like a STAR. That’s right! You have to react to your difficult challenges in life, like a star would.

Select a successful artist that really inspires you and think, “How would they handle a problem or obstacle I am facing with now?” Stars come from difficult backgrounds, dealt with tremendous obstacles and yet they pursued their dream.

Most of the stars I have worked with or even met, have this aura of positivity around them and are not afraid to show the world their authenticity. They glow when they enter a room.


Asking for help, welcoming adventure and believing “If something scares me, I SHOULD DO IT ” That’s their lifestyle.

How will you know when you’ve become a star in your own life? EVERYBODY you know wants to be like you.

Because you inspire them – by the risks you take, the joy and the vulnerability you share. You train your talent and are always seeking to learn something new.

Stars bring a strong devotion and commitment to their craft. They don’t need to be motivated or seek approval from others. They want to be great because that’s just who they are! And when it comes to their work, they strive for excellence because that’s their nature.

So, ask yourself this question.

Would I win an Oscar for the way I live my life? @berniehiller (Click to Tweet!)

If the answer is no, then make the changes you need for a better tomorrow. And when you do you will shine like stars do and bring light into the world. That’s what we all need. MORE LIGHT!

Remember the Oscar nominations for next year are wide open! Go for it!

Bernard Hiller is the premier acting and success coach in Hollywood. His revolutionary techniques and methods have taken the artistic and business community by storm. He teaches sold-out Masterclasses in over 16 countries. He trains top artists in Los Angeles and CEO’s around the globe. His methods of “behavior transformation” have resulted in amazing acting and business success. Bernard has started the career of Cameron Diaz and coached Jeff Goldblum, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Doran, Emma Roberts, Billy Crystal, and Jennifer Garner to name only a few. Leonardo DiCaprio recommends him as the top coach in town. Bernard’s #1 Acting and Success book, Stop Acting-Start Living is a must read. You can connect with him on Facebook & Twitter