When a friend or loved one does or says something hurtful, we feel sad or angry. The closer we are to the person, the more painful it can be. But holding on to resentment doesn’t do anyone any good. It can destroy relationships—sometimes beyond repair.

Forgiveness is the only answer. @hayleyhobson (Click to Tweet!)

Forgiving also doesn’t mean sweeping the act or hurtful words under the carpet. Now, it could mean, “bury the hatchet”, but not necessarily in the other person’s back.

Some peeps find it hard to forgive because they think forgiving means letting the other guy off the hook. It doesn’t!!

Wanna know a secret? You’re actually letting yourself off the hook when you forgive. You are the one who benefits most from forgiveness.

The Greek translation of the word forgive means “to let go.” Letting go means acknowledging and then releasing that feeling in your gut whenever you’re reminded of the hurtful act. It frees emotional space and can have HUGE health benefits as well.

What about you? Are you holding resentment against yourself? Are you angry with yourself for saying or doing something you’re sorry for?

Is it eating away at you?

Before you work toward forgiving other peeps for what they’ve said or done begin by forgiving yourself. Stop beating yourself up for whatever it was. Can you change it? No—it’s over. Let it go.

We all hold on to resentment against ourselves: for mistakes, poor choices and slip-ups. Subconsciously, these resentments cause us to judge ourselves and guess what? Judgment calls for punishment.

This is often the source of our feelings of unworthiness and that usually results in self-sabotage.

Let Go!

Regardless of what has happened to you, by your own hand or that of someone else, release it. Don’t let anger occupy space in your heart or head. When we release, let go and move on we open our lives to more of the good life can offer. Make Space for life, love and happiness! You deserve it!

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