Lives are made up of multiple stories that carry on throughout the moments, the moods, and the thoughts from one day to the next. There’s always “low-hanging fruit” . . . familiarity that your life free-associates with — even more so when you’re going through emotional cleansing, or outpouring. You can pick from this “fruit” to either satisfy yourself or to satisfy the needs and demands of those around you. This “fruit” is that familiarity within the storylines as they wander further and further from the moment itself. Like some repeating macro, circling in your head, this fruit is always available . . . like a friend in the stories. You might associate with the various through-lines, or, at other times, wander completely off points and into the many layers far below the surface of the collective mind . . . where no one else can relate.

At these points — with these kinds of wanderings — you might consider they’ve arrived from distant incarnations beyond any comparison to what’s taking place in this world . . . exclusively yours to be cherished like children. It’s from these moments that you find yourself a stranger to this very primitive land called Earth.

It becomes difficult when you hold on to the specific imagery, but it’s remarkable when you embrace the center of yourself as the storyteller.

This is a time to become unattached to the story itself — let your emotions pass through the moment — and allow the specifics in your storyline to be momentum, advantage, and purpose. Become a  person who believes something of yourself that only you realize — then carry this into action and create. It will produce a greater sense of value, and this value will motivate you. Then all the creativity that’s attached to your story will switch on the lights in dark tunnels, and the deep forests of this very primitive planet.

Now your low hanging fruit becomes true nourishment to the soul — a nourishment that will reset your darker moments with hope.

Our prayer is that you allow yourself this opportunity; that you value the familiar, but also the stranger.

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That’s you.

Guru Singh is a world-renowned yoga instructor, author, musician, and family man. Guru Singh works with the Dalai Lama, teaches with Tony Robbins, and has recorded an album with Grammy® Award-winning artist Seal. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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