You can earn a living, interest on your investments, or points on your credit card but there is nothing you can to do to earn your worth.

This week I’ve noticed the theme of worthiness present in my sessions with clients and conversations with friends. Many shared with me all the ways they are trying to be more, better or different so they can have the things they want in life. They were buying into the misunderstanding that because they don’t have something desired, they must not be deserving of it. The internal judges were holding up ones and twos, critiquing them for underperforming.

Can you relate? Is there something in your life you want that is not happening and you are concluding that it must be because you have not worked hard enough to get it? Are your internal judges telling you that you are not deserving of the abundance, love, happiness and opportunity you desire?

Allow me to remind you that there is nothing you need to do, be or have in order to be deserving of your dreams.


The Universe is not judgmental. It does not hold up a sign with a number on it after evaluating your every move. There is nothing you need to do or be to receive a “10.”

Your worth is not earned, it is a given. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

And your worth is intrinsic; an external person or circumstance does not determine it.

Just do your best in every moment and relax in the knowing that you are deserving of all your heartfelt desires, sometimes the Universe just has a different delivery date. In the meantime, UPdate those scorecards and see the number that reflects who you truly are: a perfect 10.



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