In the 20th century, Donald W. Winnicott, renowned British psychoanalyst and President of the British Psychoanalytical Society, discovered the most important requirement for people to have mental and emotional health throughout their lives. The core need of every child is to have personal, intimate, and continuous access to a relationship that recognises the child’s complete dependence on a parent. Some years later, Daniel Stern, prominent American psychiatrist and infant researcher, coined the same fundamental need of every child: being-with.  

My friend in Hawaii, the Soul Mechanic had been a psychiatrist for decades before he put his Ph.D. and diplomas in a drawer in his office and became a minister. After twenty years of practice, he realized that spiritual problems cannot be solved using mental techniques, and within the limited paradigm of science.

“The holy child within yearns to be-with the Heavenly Parent. We depend on our Heavenly Parent, and the way to absolute security is to acknowledge our complete dependence on the Divine” he said to me one evening as we watched the clouds moving gently across the sunset. “To find hope, peace and power, we must be embrace our spiritual roots and return to our Heavenly Father. Not because we will be punished otherwise – as we are forever loved – but because by acknowledging the Heavenly Parent we become aware we are the children of Heaven. We can run away from Home, we can forget where we’re coming from, but this will bring us pain because our soul yearns to return home, and we deny ourselves the only way to meet our fundamental need to be-with. When we deny the Heavenly Father, we find ourselves orphans in this world, not because we are, but because decided to be. And not even our insane decision to run away from home can change reality. It only creates a painful experience because we deny our fundamental need to be-with and to have an intimate relationship with out Father in Heaven.

Jesus Christ is the only rock upon which you will find rest.

I am not talking about religion, I am not talking about church, I am talking about Life in Christ. Understand the difference between them because one is Life, the other is nothing.

In some Eastern meditation practices there isn’t any talk of God, because God is seen by some Buddhists as the final object of dependency, the final thing to be abandoned on the path to pure detachment. What madness it is to lead people astray from our parent and away from home. Buddhism teaches compassion. Jesus gives unconditional love. Strangers have compassion for others, but God loves you without conditions because you are His child. You can see this in your own life: as a parent, you do not have compassion for your child. You love your child unconditionally.

Miracles are an expression of unconditional love, not of compassion. Dr. Dragos (Click to Tweet!)

Healing is an expression of unconditional love. Heaven is unconditional love. Thousands of people who’ve had near-death experiences report “a love that transcends all human understanding.” If we as human beings with fears and worries love our children and give them everything, don’t you think our Heavenly Father gives all to us? Are we better at giving and loving than our Father in Heaven? When you return to Christ, you return Home. All other roads will lead you astray. They will be detours into fear or will delay your home coming. This is a decision you must make between inner peace and turmoil, between love and fear, between living in Heaven with your Creator or roaming the earth hollow, alone and afraid. There is a common saying that all paths lead up to the top of the mountain. But only the road with Christ will lead you Home.”

Dr. Dragos

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Image courtesy of averie woodward.