When we think of perfectionists, an image of super overachievers bravely changing the world with risky new ideas or inventions might come to mind, but for the true perfectionists, this description is inaccurate.

Perfectionists tend to pursue goals that they KNOW for sure they can accomplish so the risk is minimal, even if the workload is insane.

Perfectionism is a maladaptive attempt to manage anxiety that ironically creates stress and anxiety that can hold you back from fully living life and trying new things. In this episode of Hello Freedom, I chat with my friend Megan Bruneau — a psychotherapist, blogger and perfectionist expert who is a recovering perfectionist and according to her own description, an imperfect shrink. Megan is known for using a lot of humor and satire in her work, including her articles for Forbes and in her own podcast, called The Failure Factor.

“Self-compassion is about ‘I’m imperfect and that’s ok. So is everyone else.’” – Megan Bruneau via @terri_cole (Click to Tweet!)

Check out this interview with Megan as we dive into the depths of her perfectionism, how perfectionism can suck the joy out of your life, and how to break free from perfectionism prison! Listen now to this conversation and discover whether or not your own perfectionist tendencies are holding you back from creating a fulfilling life.

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Image courtesy of Khánh Hmoong.