We all have some experience or struggle that creates our biggest challenge in life. Whether it’s a significant loss or the need to overcome some form of addiction, it takes effort and stamina to keep working on it. Allowing yourself to be honest and vulnerable about your struggle can be a brave and worthwhile journey, one that my friend, Lisa Lampanelli shares courageously in her most recent off-broadway show, Stuffed, which documents her life-long battle with her body.

I’m excited to share this special interview with Lisa, who as many of you know, is a comedian best known for being a guest on Comedy Central Roasts and for her many standup acts. Last year Lisa was nominated for a Grammy for a standup special, Back to the Drawing Board.

In our conversation, we break down what happens emotionally when you take away this substance that you’ve been using to numb your feelings and all the many life experiences that inspired her to write this show.


I think you’re really going to enjoy my funny but deep conversation with Lisa Lampanelli. Click here to listen now!

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Image courtesy of HAMZA BUTT.