How can I love myself more today? What a wonderful question this is to ask ourselves on a daily basis!

Imagine waking up in the morning, taking a big deep breath, and asking ourselves, “How can I love myself just a little bit more today?”. Imagine taking another deep inhalation slowly through the nose and exhaling out through the mouth. Listen for the answer. If you can’t hear an answer, please take another deep breath and see if that helps.

Sometimes it takes consistency to be able to tune into listening to ourselves. If we have gotten away from a habit of connecting to ourselves, perhaps make a commitment to do that simple exercise daily for a couple of weeks. You will begin to get answers… and sometimes… A LOT of answers!

So often we have gotten accustomed to looking outside for answers we have forgotten to check in with ourselves. Doesn’t it make sense we would have the best answers for ourselves since we are the creators of the quality of our lives?

Maybe the fact we have forgotten to honor and consider ourselves is a reason so many of us find ourselves feeling sad and depressed throughout the day. Perhaps we have forgotten how truly powerful and creative we really are!

If we want to feel loved and supported by others, we have got to remember that it all starts with how much we love and support ourselves. If we forget to feed our self-love tank first, no matter how much others give us will ever feel like enough.

That being said, here is a list of some of the things I often do to feed my self-love tank:

  1. Make a cup of tea, leave my phone inside and sit out in the yard, and enjoy the pretty surroundings.
  2. Take a bath.
  3. Make time to put lotion on my body.
  4. Make a healthy lunch and schedule time to sit and eat it without distractions.
  5. Making a time with a friend to go for a walk on the beach.
  6. Commit to going to a spin or stretch class.

What are the top three to five things you could do on any given day that would help you feel more loved and supportive? You would be surprised how many people find it hard to even think of one thing to do to help them feel more loved and supported inside!

Please take the time to share below. When you share, you inspire. When you inspire, you uplift everyone around you!

Huge hugs!


Robin Lee is a medical intuitive, author, mentor, gratitude advocate, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world understand the language of their bodies. Robin believes that our bodies innately know how to balance and heal themselves if given proper care and support. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter, where she shares tips, tools, and techniques to honor our bodies and heal our lives!

Image courtesy of Tanna Kelton.