Many people live with broken hearts, feeling lonely, hurt and not being enough. They feel a hollowness in their hearts nothing of this world can seem to fill.

God’s love for us is tangible, truthful and very real – and is the only power to heal everything in your life and fill the emptiness within.

The reason why most people do not experience God’s love is because we are trained to believe in a world where the way to get is by taking, and the way to have more is to take more. This false belief has hurt us in unimaginable ways.

Here’s how you can experience more of God’s love for you and heal your heart of every pain.

Let me explain something first. In the physical world, if I have a dollar bill and I give it to you, now I don’t have it anymore and you do.

In the mental and spiritual world, if I have an idea and I share it with you, if you accept it, then we both have it and the idea grows. If we share this idea with other people and they embrace it as well, the idea grows even more and expands with every person who accepts it.

Ideas live or die only because people accept them or deny them. Love grows in the same way, only by being shared.

If you seek God’s love with all your heart and pray, “God, I need your Love,” you share the idea of need because apparently there is a lack of love and you want God’s love. God doesn’t have love, God is love (John 4:8) and He cannot share the idea of lack of love with you because love is His being, His spirit, and His truth. This is why you do not feel anything when you’re asking for love because the idea of need of love doesn’t exist in the heart of God.

If you want to experience more of God’s love for you, open your mind and your heart and give Him your love first. 

In my prayers, I have taken the road less traveled. I closed my eyes, lifted my hands, and told Him the truth. I told Him I have come before Him just to say, “I Love You.” I haven’t come to ask for anything, but I’ve come to give Him everything. I told Him I am not praying for any gifts, but I am praying to spend time with the Giver of all gifts.

I realized truly there is nothing I can give back to God except my heart and my love returned to Him.

I love Him because he first loved me, and I can only love you and God and the people in my life with the Love of God, because there is not other love (John 4:19).

My dear friend, God’s love for you is unconditional, but communication with Him can take place only in spirit and in truth. Open your heart and tell Him every truth in your mind. You will experience miracles.

This is a little prayer to guide you into experiencing God’s love for you.

Heavenly Father,

Your sweet son Jesus said:

“Seek you first the kingdom of Heaven

and everything else will be given unto you.”

Although I am grateful for your gifts, 

Today I seek not the gifts, but I seek You – the giver of all gifts. 

I love not what you give me, but I love You, who always gives me.

Today, I only want you, my Father. 

Naked, broken, and with nothing in my hands to give You in return,

I come before You giving You my Love.

With open heart I bow my head and tell you, “I Love You, Heavenly Father.”

Dr. Dragos

DR. DRAGOS – Award winning writer and scientist, filmmaker of the award-winning film The Amazing You. Dragos was nominated by MIT in Innovators Under 35 for “the brightest minds in Europe changing society with their projects” and his team at Singularity University was named by Forbes “among the smartest people in the world.” He spoke on stage on 6 continents and his work has been translated in 20 languages. Read his new book: Sleepers. You can follow him on FB.

Image courtesy of Milada Vigerova.